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French’s response to criticisms like mine is to say that Trump is not pro-life even if his policies and judicial appointees were. This is, to quote French, a “miserable political take.” I’ve long heard similar arguments about the Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity and the Edict of Milan which he issued in 313 A.D. declaring his chosen faith a religio licita (“tolerated religion”). He wasn’t really a Christian, some historians say. That may be. But for the sake of his soul, the point is irrelevant. The fact is, Constantine’s policy ended almost two centuries of Christian persecution. Yet in French’s moral universe, Constantine is no better than Nero, and Trump is not to be preferred to Biden.So incensed was French by the prospects of a Trump presidency (not a Biden presidency if word count is any indicator) that he considered his own presidential run. Since Trump lacked “character and competence,” French decided America needed a man like, well, himself. This is a bit like Marshal Philippe Pétain saying he would give France “The gift of his person.” Don’t be fooled by the niceties. French has just the sort of monumental hubris he decries in the former president, it’s just that Trump makes no effort to hide his own. In the end, French decided to forego the Oval Office and instead use his platform at National Review to attack Trump and his supporters — not Biden and his. (You know, the ones who were burning cities and sentencing your grandmother to a lonely death in isolation.)In an article titled “How to be Pro-Life in Biden’s America,” French wrings his hands over the now-imperiled Hyde Amendment, which prevents an estimated 50,000 additional abortions per year. 50,000 human lives, not abstractions. In the column, he tries to reassure Christians disturbed by what a Biden presidency means for the unborn:“In the days and weeks since Biden’s election, I’ve heard a number of Christians express genuine anguish about the prospects for defending life during the Biden administration. Make no mistake, there is cause for deep concern about the administration’s policies.”“Cause for deep concern.” Ya think, David? This is the political and cultural Armageddon that people like French have given us. They brought us here. His whole article reads like it was written by someone who aided arsonists in burning your house down but who now wants to offer you the comfort of his counsel, all the while never comprehending the hypocrisy of his actions.

Source: David French: The ‘Principled Conservative’ | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

My Own .02 Worth

Conservatism is not a little clubhouse where only a certain few are given the password to get in with [by people like French].When Romney ran i plugged my nose and voted for him because the alternative was worse. When McCain ran i plugged my nose and voted for him because, again, the alternative was worse. i know people sometimes write in a candidate or stay home on principle. Unfortunately i don’t think it helps the cause. The alternative IS worse. If we can’t get the better choice into office we can at least  limit the damage. 

I agreed with Trump on almost every issue even his style if that’s what you want to call it.The one exception was re same sex marriage. Trump was more accepting than most conservatives including myself and definitely opposed to Catholic and evangelical teachings;  on the other hand it took the issue off the table and Trump at the  least stood up for the freedom to oppose it. I doubt having the issue on the table would have changed its ‘legalization’ anyway. We have a huge battle on the issue of abortion and given a choice between the 2-homosexual marriage and abortion-i believe we win more ground on the life issues. While homosexual behavior is grave it does not take the life of  the unborn. We just have to make sure that the person we elect is willing to protect OUR RIGHT not to accept same sex ‘marriage.’.When you force people to violate their conscience that is a problem. Trump never did that. He just didn’t discuss the issue on the campaign trail; he only let it be known it was not a problem for him personally. To Trump’s credit he was the most PRO LIFE president we have had to date.

Thank God he was elected. The powers that be would have taken down another man one way or the other by getting them to compromise or totally destroying them. Not that they haven’t tried with Trump.   Trump had what none of other candidates had; 1. he was not beholden to anyone.  He did not accept money from special interests AND NEVER backed down to the media. He flat out went after them.  I’ve never seen anyone who ran for office stand up to them like he did!  2. he was not tied to the establishment (uniparty) 3. he’s not the kind of person to roll over for anyone.On the down side it looks like hubris and it probably is. On the up side he had the spine to stand up to  the worst assaults.

Conservatism has 3 camps. Some Republicans are fiscal conservatives and liberals on the social issues. Other Republicans are on the flip side. Not so conservative when it comes to economic policy but very resolute when it comes to the social issues like abortion. Then there’s the Republicans who are conservative first and Republican 2nd. They’re conservative on the economic AND social issues. In order to win elections Republicans have to bring all 3 to the table and hopefully pull in some Democrats. Rarely does a presidential candidate win if they can’t pull in people outside the base.Trump was able to do it in spades. 

Trump is not driven by ideology. He’s driven by competent governance and results. Once he became pro life (for whatever reason)he defended life like no other so i can’t say he is not a man of principle either. Evidently it means something to him. You have to admit he did what needed to be done come hell or high water and a lot of both came at him.

Was he perfect? Nope.  Was he a flawless man? Nope .  The hypocritical left were good at pointing that out and so were the Never Trumpers. i do recall one King David who committed adultery and had the woman’s husband sent into battle deliberately in the hopes it would get him killed (it did).  It doesn’t excuse the behavior but it does speak to the truth that God can use wounded people to accomplish His will. (We are all wounded people). i will say this; Trump respected the office. He didn’t do anything there he would have to be ashamed of.

Did Trump make some strategical mistakes [ie he should have canned Wray and declared Antifa/BLM riots an insurrection]? Absolutely but i have to admit i didn’t know how deep and wide the swamp was either. The last 4-5 yrs have been a real eye opener. We’ve never had a president who didn’t make some mistakes of varying consequence, We always will. Biden has done far worse than just make some mistakes. He’s proven to be just plain incompetent and lacking the mental capacity to make any good decisions; plus he’s corrupt to the core.

Now here we are stuck with Biden; someone some of the Never Trumpers admitted to voting for. They better never speak to us about principle  or what ‘true’ conservatism is again. Look at the Republicans who voted forTrump’s impeachment.Look at the Republicans who cave to the Democrats when the going gets tough.

Look at George W Bush. Never said a peep when Obama was President. He hasn’t said squid about Biden either. i voted for Bush twice. He claimed when Obama was elected, a former President shouldn’t comment on the President currently in office. He didn’t practice that principle when Trump was in office.There are times he should have spoken out about Obama’s policies and definitely should speak up against the Marxism and corruption in our government now. Nope. Not a peep.