Are You ‘Defend Biden’ Liberals Ever Going to Wake Up?

My next question is, what is there about Biden to defend? After the media pulled the Russia Hoax on you for 4 yrs do you really buy all the crap that told you about President Trump? You mean they lied to your for 4 yrs, actually helped the cabal perpetrate the collusion hoax and you still think they’re not feeding you lies? Do you have any clue what really happened when Trump got elected or you just don’t care? You’re willing to participate in your own demise?

See the flood of people at the border? Those are the people who are going to replace you in the voting booth.If it ever comes down to your desire to elect someone the Democrat establishment doesn’t they aren’t going to care. They won’t need you. They rig it against their own let alone the other party.

You do know Biden abandoned our people behind enemy lines-they are in grave danger-but he looked you right in the eye and said they would get everyone out. They didn’t and now he hasn’t said a word has he? Know why-he doesn’t care. Did that ever occur to you? Then he tells you Trump was getting out too so it was his fault. Did the media bother to tell you about the conditional agreement Trump had? I’ve read it and can tell you the media deliberately left that out of Biden’s narrative.

For your benefit here it is:

Doesn’t it rankle you one little bit that the media pounded the Russia Hoax for 4 yr when they knew it was a lie yet when the Hunter Biden laptop story was about to break it was censored? They made sure you didn’t hear about it until AFTER the election. That doesn’t bother you?

I love when i go on Twitter and read your tweets about Trump being racist.

Before Trump ran for office People magazine ran this story:

You people do know he dated a lady that was bi-racial? She talked about her relationship with Trump to First Edition.

i would guess you don’t know that the media deliberately edited his Charlottes comments?

When Antifa and BLM were burning down our cities, attacking police, assaulting innocent people and even murdering some the media was silent in asking for condemnations from the Democrats. There were none. Both groups made their intentions clear; they were intent on getting Trump out of office. They said so. That’s an insurrection but you never heard the Democrats condemn them. Why? Because they were on the same side. The media called them ‘mostly peaceful protestors.’ They raised funds to bail them out.

What a difference between that and the aggressiveness towards Jan 6 and calling that an insurrection when it didn’t even come close to everything Antifa and BLM had done.

Now the Biden admin has instructed the DOJ and FBI to go after parents who protest their own school boards calling them domestic terrorists. If you’re ok with all this there is really something wrong with you.

It gets worse because with this weak failed so called President in the oval office China and all our enemies have been emboldened. You said Trump would start a war. Remember that? i’m sorry to say that was all bunk and now we really are on the verge of WWIII thanks to Biden.

You’re warned here.

It‘s not socialism. It’s Marxism and it aint pretty. It never ends well. China owns Joe.

i also recall you people calling Trump a nazi all the time when his daughter, son in law and grandchild are all Jewish. You called him Hitler and Biden is the one going after ordinary citizens who exercise their right to protest. Eventually you’ll be next but if this isn’t stopped now, you won’t be able to stop it then.

Time is running out liberals. This is your warning. i’d heed it before the country that afforded you the liberty to be stupid is going to take away your rights as much as ours. For those that think it can’t happen here i hope you can see the parallels to Venezuela and realize yes it can.

I have no patience for you people anymore. If you’re ok with everything the Biden people and the media have done [and are doing]there’s no hope for you at all. You’re ok with being lied to and used.