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What Will Be the Straw That Breaks the Camel’s Back?

i’m [presemt;u] sitting in a wheelchair [weeks now]in pain with a heating pad on my leg [shin splinters]not in the best of moods. On the bright side today signed up for 3 months of a free email service through Word Press. Seems like a useful feature at the right price,FREE,which is about all i can afford right now. If anything needs paid it’s the 200.00 worth of bills i stare at from time to time knowing i can’t pay them. i do check the pay pal account occasionally but it’s been consistent. Zero every time. Anyway,between the leg which has put a huge crimp on what i can do and can’t do and the financial tailspin we’re in, not in the best of moods.

That said, what’s really done it for me is waking up to Joe Biden still sitting in the oval office and the MARXISTS wreaking havoc on our Republic while the left still believes Trump was either a dictator or Russian agent or BOTH.

Let’s see;we had a great economy under Trump and it was recovering after the outbreak of Covid. We weren’t close to war anywhere and at least other foreign leaders respected us. They may not have liked Trump-though many did-but they at least knew where they stood and could count on us. Trump was going to pull out of Afghanistan too under a CONDITIONS BASED agreement and would have withdrawn cautiously. Joe decided just to pull the rug from under our feet, leave our allies scrambling to get out and left our citizens behind at the mercy of the Taliban all the while looking into the camera saying he would get our people out. A BOLD FACED LIE. He’s letting in thousands upon thousands of illegals soon to be voters. The left isn’t catching onto that one. They are being replaced-he won’t need them.

He’s sicking the FBI and DOJ on parents who dare to speak up against their school boards[freedom of speech] and the rest of the time the FBI is going after people Biden sends them after to be political prisoners. Where is Christopher Wray hiding? Forget the militant arm of the Democrat Marxists,Antifa and BLM; they get a pass. They work for Biden. Joe is also going after the unvaccinated forcing businesses to let them go or fire them for non-compliance. Trump was the dictator.

Remember when the Trump family was questioned for hours upon hours about the Russia Hoax? Remember when Eric Trump was forced to cease and desist helping St Jude Children’s Center raise money? You have to be Joe Biden’s son to do any grifting for dad. No problem. You have to be named Hunter Biden to be sure a scandal attached to you [ getting big cash from China and Ukraine to split with your dad]-to get the media bury it for you.You see helping a children’s cancer center-bad.Quid Pro Quo with China/Ukraine [and others]-good. You’re Biden’s crack addicted son. You have to let it go. Joe’s a great Pres. The most popular of all time and he got 81 million votes. In fact, more votes than Obama.

Joe’s even great with high gas prices, dependence on OPEC, a border crisis that may or may not exist, a Disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and supply shortages in the United States. WOW!! When you can be great President through all that it’s really saying something. Just think how great he will be with the upcoming failed economy. And look how hard the man is working-he’s making sure the IRS can spy on your bank account. Trump’s booming economy seems like it was so long ago.All those historic records that were set, all vanquished by our much loved new President. Who would want to go through all that again when we have moderate Joe and his brilliant mind in charge? You can’t help but like a guy who loves his ice cream.

Sooner or later the Marxist left may push just a little too hard or cheat even better the next time than the last for their candidate(s)and that could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You’d think they’d keep in mind there’s more of us than there are of them. Where are those 81 million people that supposedly voted for Biden? They better hope they actually exist because i’m 99.9% sure they don’t. You ever meet em? Anywhere?