White House Occupant Blames Republicans for Democrats Refusing to Raise Debt Ceiling – The Last Refuge

The Democrats control the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  If Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling they can do so at any time.  However, because media provides them cover; and because the larger American electorate do not seem to understand how congress works; the White House is attempting to blame Republicans for Democrats not wanting to raise the debt ceiling.  The insanity continues….

Source: White House Occupant Blames Republicans for Democrats Refusing to Raise Debt Ceiling – The Last Refuge

the larger American electorate do not seem to understand how congress works

 Can’t believe this.

Sunday Night, Closing Thoughts

Biden’s a puppet. Trump won the election but the Democrats cheated. They might put in Harris-one step up from Biden. Is there a mechanism to reinstate Trump after Biden is out? Doubt it. The fraud should be exposed but we’ll probably have to wait and re-elect him in 2024. Unless someone knows something i don’t. Anyone? Don’t think there’s anything in the Constitution that provides for it.

China is going after Taiwan. Count on it. Biden is weak; likely beholden to them. Their taking over Taiwan is a done deal. You can thank fearless leader for that one.

I’m tired of the vax vs anti vax arguments. Anyone else there too? illegals are pouring over our border. They are not vaccinated. Not even tested. This makes the administration look like liars when we need solid information. Those illegals are future Democrat voters. The old Democrat voters don’t realize they’re being replaced. That’s right libs. They won’t need you once these people get amnesty and are granted citizenship.You either figure it out now or it’s over.

Faucl had the Wuhan lab funded for GOF research. The reason he played down the virus at first was for that reason. He didn’t want to get caught so he made like it was no big deal. When it took off in the U.S. he had no choice but to admit the virus was extremely contagious. He knew what the deal was all along. NOBODY but nobody should be playing around with these viruses. The CCP probably ‘accidentally’ had it released. No, it is not the flu people. It was designed to be a biological weapon; both deadly and highly contagious.

Trump was a great President. He did right by our country. He rubs some people the wrong way. Ok, will give you that, but ask yourself how well he was governing the country.

Biden was never a moderate. The media wrote that narrative and the Dems lied along with them. Biden is a blank slate for whatever they write on him. He always wanted to get the title of President. He just never actually wanted to do the job. Trump is not an ideologue. He’s neither Republican or Democrat,conservative or liberal. He’s pragmatic. He means America First when he says it.

He’s not looking to leave a legacy. He’s just looking to get things done.

One thing is absolutely certain about Trump.He loves this country and the people. He had the border under control. He would never have left Americans behind in Afghanistan or pulled out the way Biden did. Biden surrendered. Trump would never have done that! When he talked about an infrastructure bill he meant actual infrastructure. Not this pile of crap Pelosi is trying to sell. Sometimes Trump would use hyperbole (he’s a Queen’s guy)but he never out and out lied to deceive the American people like Biden has done.

I’ll call it a night by saying Trump won and he’s due his 2nd term even if it’s in 2024.

Night all. God keep you safe and sound and don’t lose heart. As long as you know what the truth is it’s worth staying in the battle.