Trump 2024

We know President Trump is going to run in 2024 and go for the 2nd term he should have been given-and won-in 2020.Will the Dems run Biden for his 2nd term? I kind of doubt it but we’ll see. You think so or not? I have no idea who might run in the primary should Joe not run. AOC maybe? Hard to tell. They’re loony enough.I’m not going to invest a lot of time or energy into 2nd guessing their primary. i know Trump will be at the top of our ticket but i hear some faint rumblings and i know the swamp, the never trumpers,the media and the Dems.

Trump is one of the few people who has ever gone into the belly of the beast. Reagan did but even with Reagan they didn’t unleash the FBI, the intel community and a handful of 5 eyes participating in the coup.I can’t think of anyone but Trump who could have withstood the attacks he did.

We have a problem though. Time to spell it out. Trump lost the media focus the White House gets. Good or bad you’re in the news. Social media is a new outlet.Want to go over their heads-take to Twitter. Trump was banned from Twitter. In short, he basically has no platform to speak from. BTW. The opposition knew that too. It’s deliberate. They think by cutting off as many forms of communication as they can with Trump’s base and the public his influence will wane over time.It hasn’t but there is a vacuum.

The saying goes if you want a friend in politics, get a dog. Whatever else you can say about politicians they are definitely opportunists. People can step in and try to fill that vacuum. The one saving event will be Trump’s announcement. He’s said he’s running. It’s subtle because he can’t make a formal announcement yet.The day he announces the vacuum will end. It’s a newsmaker, good or bad.

The one thing filling the vacuum until then is the MAGA movement. We’re REAL. As long as we hold the fort so to speak it’s all good. There are other people making news. They’re trying to fill the vacuum-if we know it’s there other people do too. They may be trying to position themselves for the primary. Remember, politicians are opportunists. i’m not saying it’s good or bad. It is what it is.I’d be keeping a close eye on anyone making waves out there. You have people who would give anything to take out Trump. Don’t put it past them to get behind a challenger. The Democrats could calculate a Biden loss and knowing that would be willing to back a Republican they could live with. That ‘aint’ Trump.

Long story short is that we have to hang in there until Trump makes an announcement . There could be pressure to ditch him and go with a newsmaker. IMHO our time is better spent trying to replace Rino’s with MAGA candidates,We can donate directly to Trump plus the candidates of OUR choice.i know a lot of people are doing that already. We get a majority of MAGA candidates in 2022 we can stop Biden and when Trump is elected he will have the Congress he should have had the first time.We may not be able to get rid of all the RINOS-it would be nice- but the more we replace the better.

The Trump rallies seem larger than the last time. Anyone else notice? It’s some of the comments on Twitter that make me a little anxious. Someone was taking a poll to see who would vote Trump or DeSantis in a primary. DeSantis is going out of his way to get in the news. i don’t trust him. He should run for governor and stick with that for awhile. Sorry people-i’m not that impressed with him. i’m sticking with Trump for 24 and we’ll see what happens in the future if i’m fortunate enough to still be around.

I’ve become very cynical since 2016.Trust no one on the inside.

DeSantis as a VP pick? OK. Krisit Noem is a fantastic governor too. She just doesn’t make as much noise as Ron.She’d be a good VP choice too. Whether it’s Desantis, Noem or someone else i’d keep an eye on them for Trump’s first 4 yr. if he picks one or the other as VP that is.The nice part is Trump could run again after his 24 win. Sweet. Other names for VP can come up between now & 24. DeSantis is the most prominent now. Political capital has been known to change on a dime.

Despite what might be taken as misgivings about DeSantis i would support a Trump/DeSantis ticket. As long as Trump as at the top i’m down for it.

We thought Pence was ok too. Look how that turned out.

Besides it would be a HUGE mistake-and not necessary- to start infighting over the 24 election. It could cost us. Let the Dems do all the infighting.

I think it’s wise to have MAGA stay prominent and then our MAGA leader can make a grand entrance. They silenced Trump. They can’t silence 74 million of us if we hang in there!!

I know Trump’s platform is not what it was while he was in office. It can’t be helped, especially due to the censorship he’s going through.This is what happens once you leave office, but his next run will be even stronger.

You can see it coming can’t you? As a side note, historically it has happened once before. Grover Cleveland.