The Election Audit MUST Get Back in the News Cycle

There’s 3 stories we should have seen in 2019-2020 that we’re lucky to see now. Spygate, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal & election fraud. They were buried. There are still liberals who believe the Russia Hoax. This means they are either that gullible OR they’re too lazy to research. We know the corrupt media is never going to correct the lie.

They were involved in it.

Directly related to the election fraud we witnessed are the election audits. The 2 are connected. All the stories i mentioned are important-critical to our republic-but the one that is going to carry much weight soon are the audits.

All the media did was report the results saying Biden won. We knew the results. They’re stating the obvious. It’s not the results that matter. A forensic audit should tell how we got there. I know the news cycle is being eaten up with the Democrat infrastructure bill and Biden’s stupid Build Back Better agenda but we have to get the news cycle back on 1. the audits & 2.Biden’s catastrophic failure in Afghanistan. The infrastructure will either pass or it won’t. All Pelosi can do now is hope she peels off some Republicans. We better let it be known any Republican who falls for it is going to be sent packing. It’s Biden’s waterloo. It’s also a Marxist agenda.

I love it that people are letting it be known how they feel about Biden. Speak up where they can’t stop us. I know it’s offensive but at this point i’m willing to let it slide. I don’t want to hear any liberal whining about disrespect for Joe. He not only has it coming but we put up with way worse when Trump was in office. They have no room to talk.

Now we have to figure out how to get the news cycle on news that matters. It’s not going to be easy.The media is corrupt.

CNN doesn’t give an option for feedback by phone but their website does list the contact info you can use:

Contact Rachel Maddow

ABC lists several ways to contact them.

If you have a Twitter account you can always send them a little feedback that way. I do it on a regular basis.

i thought about contacting Tucker and Hannity on Fox but most of the viewers know exactly what’s going on. It might not hurt to contact them anyway and make sure they don’t lose sight of news that matters to you…like the Election audits, the Durham probe and the invasion at the border deserves attention. For me,it’s the audits. It seems like they’re being totally ignored or getting lost in the daily chaos from the Biden administration.

Got a blog? We can always cover the audits. The big question is probably is it ever going to be set straight if it’s solidly proven Biden cheated? i honestly don’t know what the mechanism would be to get Joe out and Trump in. Realistically it may not exist and we have to do that in 2024. Mechanism or not we have to hope the truth is at least exposed. I don’t need a forensic audit to get what happened that night. My eyes work. Your eyes work. We know how corrupt the Democrat party is & the help they get from saint media. The problem is too many people are willing to believe it was all on the up and up.We know very well the Democrat party would have done anything to get Biden in office in 2020 or at least keep Trump out.

They’re not corrupt enough to stoop that low? Try Spygate, the Russia Hoax,the fake impeachment, the arrest of Trump associates, getting his tax returns, trying to destroy his family. i could go on and on. Look at the HR1 Bill. There’s the 2020 election right there. Everything they did in 2020 set in stone. How about the braggadocio in Time magazine where they as much as admit it. They will do anything for power. Corrupt enough to steal an election? Consider what they’ve already done. Question answered.

We have to do something to get the election audits back in the news cycle.Maybe contacting our Reps and Senators-someone each of us thinks we can count on- like a Jim Jordan to do some sound bytes that can’t be ignored.

One quick headline of ‘audit says Joe won’ does not cut it.

Do you have any suggestions? You do, I’ll mention them.

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Let’s Go Brandon!

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