When the Marxists Decide to Take Our Guns-That’s It.

Jan 6 was not an insurrection. Some people participated in a riot and some were trespassers but that’s as much as the spontaneous outburst came to. It was not under the direction of anyone and the FBI concluded as much. The FBI is not a friend of Trump or his supporters so i would take them at their word in this case. Pelosi and her lot are plain evil. They’re trying to stop Trump from running and winning in 2024 and they will do anything to that end. They won’t give up power for anything. They don’t care if it’s legal or illegal; if it tramples on our constitution or not. Their oath of office means nothing.

If they try to take our guns-which is coming-i think that is the last straw. Once our guns are gone they will no longer fear us and our country WILL be lost. We’ve seen the movie before. It doesn’t end well for the citizens. We can hope the liberals wake up but they’re not considered useful idiots for nothing. Seen that movie before too.They come for the guns we have to stand up to them and if the libs can’t figure it out it’s their problem,not ours. I hope they see the light by then.