+ We Know the 2020 Election Was Rigged

So how do we respond? We decide we’re not going to vote? Do you think the Democrats are going to stay home? They don’t even care how lousy their candidates are. The establishment picks them and they fall in line. I remember when the establishment picked Hillary Clinton on the Democrat ticket and how they thought they would get Jeb Bush on the Republican ticket. We said hell no and elected Donald Trump. The Never Trumpers and Marxist Democrats have been furious ever since. So they rigged the 2020 election to make sure it didn’t happen again and put up the 2 worst candidates-Biden and Harris.

We better vote. We better vote in huge numbers. It’s not enough that you vote but you have to see if you can get 10 other people to vote. The fact that it could be rigged is even more reason to vote the MAGA candidates.

Two people that should not be our leaders are Mitch McConnell and his prodigy John Thune. If we have to call our Senators every day and demand a decent leader then we better start calling every day. i’m dead serious. Kevin McCarthy is so so but McConnell and Thune are definitely two people we cannot afford as leaders. They’re going to cost us.

i’ve made a commitment for 2024. i’m not voting for anyone but Trump and giving us the 2nd term we should have had in 2020.It’s nobody else for me. He’s definitely going to run. i knew darned well he would never throw in the towel and he’s confirmed his intentions several times over. He can’t make a formal announcement yet but short of saying it, he’s actually said it for months.

The Marxists never give up. They’re desperate for power. We’re patriots and MAGA ppl.We’re desperate for liberty.We’re determined to save our country. They want us to throw in the towel. I know it’s difficult but we can’t afford to say there’s no use voting and stay home. Rigged or not,we vote. In fact come hell or high water we vote.

Larry Elder said it many times on the campaign trail; we vote,we win.

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