It’s So Disgusting It’s Not Funny

The truth about the Russia Collusion Hoax has finally come out. The problem is the media that pushed the lie for 4 yrs is not going to incriminate itself for playing an active role in the conspiracy against Pres Trump. They’re corrupt.

Joe’s campaign consisted of hiding in the basement while the media carried water for him. To the left Joe was a Marxist like them. To the rest of the people they painted Joe as a moderate. Joe is no moderate.

Once you’re actually President you can’t hide in your basement forever. Joe’ s handlers never took it into consideration and now they have a dilemma. If they let Joe go out in public he’ll expose how awful he really is. If they don’t let him go out at all he looks like he’s MIA; which he is. It’s all one big lie. As far as i’m concerned the election of Joe Biden was the biggest lie. We all know it. We saw it.They can do a forensic audit-and they should-but most of us don’t need an audit to know it was a fraud.

The one big lie is now costing American lives. Joe looked right at George Stephanopolous and swore his generals never advised him to keep troops in Afghanistan. Biden was planning to get a 9/11 narrative and photo op over the troop withdrawal. I’m sorry but you don’t play with a dangerous situation like this. Biden even called the President Ghani of Afghanistan and asked him to lie about the situation in his country. Joe’s accustomed to our news media lying for him. He’s been corrupt for years. He’s no moderate.

Did you see all the generals associated with the Afghanistan disaster testify before Congress?

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, candidly admitted that they had recommended to Biden that the U.S. should keep a troop presence there

All these generals will get away with their malfesence. The Biden administration is not going to hold them accountable. Yet, Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is being held in a brig for pre trial detenion unable to have any contact with his parents. He’s also been placed in solitary confinement which now has become the routine for all political prisoners in the U.S. They did it to Paul Manafort. They’re doing it to the perpetrators of the Jan 6 Capitol Hill riot. Now they’re doing it to Scheller.

Marine officer Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

spoke out against the deadly incompetence on display and asked for accountability among the military leadership. His plea ended going viral and driving a conversation about the double standards in the military where Pentagon darlings can seemingly do anything without repercussion.


There’s more lies besides Biden’s outright lies to the public re Afghanistan. We all remember how he said that all the Americans and their Afghan allies would be evacuated from Afghanistan. They are still sitting behind enemy lines basically at the mercy of the ruthless Taliban. We have a hostage situation while Biden is claiming what a tremendous success he has in the terrible withdrawal. For what? Biden’s desire to have a narrative and photo op on 9/11 about HIS ending the 20 yr war. Trump had already decided to end the 20 yr war and would have proceeded during his 2nd term anyway. However, Trump’s withdrawal was to be conditions based. Big difference. Biden not only didn’t get to take his victory lap it was painful to watch the reality on the ground take place.

More big lies the media managed to cover up for Joe? Sure are. What about the Hunter Biden laptop that implicates Biden in selling out the office of VP to China and Ukraine to name a few. We know how the media including social media buried the story until after the election and they had no choice but to report it-at least give it a mention. They never really report these stories. They only do enough for a CYA.*

The lies that make me the most furious are the ones about Afghanistan. Next would be the lies about Pres. Trump and not necessarily because they impugn his character(though they do)but because they tried to wreck his first term and cost our country dearly. The ones about Afghanistan were even more egregious. They got 13 of our bravest young people murdered, left perhaps thousands behind enemy lines [they can’t or won’t tell us how many], gave the Taliban some of our best equipment, lost a whole country to the Taliban after we fought to keep them out for 20 yrs. There were 2 Afghans that died a horrible death falling from a plane trying to escape. We all saw the chaos with our own 2 eyes. There were seriously injured people, including our own, from the Kabul terroristic attack. It’s cost us in our national security and has implications far beyond 1 country. All from one big lie.

The Biden family is corrupt. The Democrat party is corrupt. Our once most trusted agencies and institutions were politicized and they’ve become corrupt. The media is definitely corrupt.

*CYA -Cover Your A–

Includes interview with the parents of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller