Checked with My Pay Pal Account

i haven’t had but 2 responses and so far it’s come to 10.00 meaning i’m a long ways off from a 200.00 goal and less than 1 day left. The worst of it is that i have but less than 1 day left now. i hated to even add a donate button. On the other hand i’ve invested 129.00 for the last 3 yrs and 7.99 per month for a subscription to the Epoch Times to have a good source for information. This is not including the time invested in the hopes of posting information that is helpful to the reader. Once the 200.00 is reached the donate button comes out and i go on with the blog as i had intended; solely for the purpose of providing info and supporting Pres. Trump.

I’m hoping this entry will convey my intentions better. Maybe i didn’t explain very well when i wrote about our trip to Cleveland. If anyone has questions re the matter i will be glad to answer them.If anyone has any questions re the medical issues we went through i will be glad to answer those too-especially if they might be helpful to a situation you’re facing.

So please consider a one time donation and i’ll be spared having to add stress to my husband that isn’t going to be helpful to his condition. I could sell my computer and probably raise 100.00 but that would defeat the purpose and not get me close to the 200.00 we honestly need.

You can read about our experience with the Cleveland Clinic and how we got into this situation in the next post. We traveled there via train.