Annihilating the Truth; Much of What You Hear about the Afghanistan Disaster is False.

absolutely fantastic piece re the Trump agreement with Taliban and Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan. It’s all laid out here. Just like the Russia Hoax the media is perpetuating a lie to try and protect Biden.Biden got caught in a lie himself to the very media that is trying to save him.He looked right at George Stephanapolous and lied to the American people.This article from Dragon Pundit is a definite must read and SHARE.

America is a Republic!

Trump, Rubio accuse General Milley of treason over Woodward exposé

Like much information we receive in this Age of Insanity, the entire process and the facts surrounding our disastrous, deadly, and embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan is full of holes and lies. One does not need Fake News, Democrats, or disingenuous ticket punching political generals to discern what actually happened. We have facts to guide us. Let’s start at the beginning of the withdrawal agreement, the facts as they lay in February 2021.

Background: The US military has not been running major ground operations with large conventional US formations since 2012. For the past several years, the Afghan Army with support from US and allied advisors, US air power, and the occasional small scale tier one action, have been fighting the Taliban. Bagram Air Field was reinforced and very defensible. The Afghans relied upon our air support. In fact, they relied extensively on us for everything. This is not a critique…

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