The United States would not exist were it not for these words

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. … Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Declaration of Independence (1776).

It’s not up for debate.

Checked with My Pay Pal Account

i haven’t had but 2 responses and so far it’s come to 10.00 meaning i’m a long ways off from a 200.00 goal and less than 1 day left. The worst of it is that i have but less than 1 day left now. i hated to even add a donate button. On the other hand i’ve invested 129.00 for the last 3 yrs and 7.99 per month for a subscription to the Epoch Times to have a good source for information. This is not including the time invested in the hopes of posting information that is helpful to the reader. Once the 200.00 is reached the donate button comes out and i go on with the blog as i had intended; solely for the purpose of providing info and supporting Pres. Trump.

I’m hoping this entry will convey my intentions better. Maybe i didn’t explain very well when i wrote about our trip to Cleveland. If anyone has questions re the matter i will be glad to answer them.If anyone has any questions re the medical issues we went through i will be glad to answer those too-especially if they might be helpful to a situation you’re facing.

So please consider a one time donation and i’ll be spared having to add stress to my husband that isn’t going to be helpful to his condition. I could sell my computer and probably raise 100.00 but that would defeat the purpose and not get me close to the 200.00 we honestly need.

You can read about our experience with the Cleveland Clinic and how we got into this situation in the next post. We traveled there via train.

It’s So Disgusting It’s Not Funny

The truth about the Russia Collusion Hoax has finally come out. The problem is the media that pushed the lie for 4 yrs is not going to incriminate itself for playing an active role in the conspiracy against Pres Trump. They’re corrupt.

Joe’s campaign consisted of hiding in the basement while the media carried water for him. To the left Joe was a Marxist like them. To the rest of the people they painted Joe as a moderate. Joe is no moderate.

Once you’re actually President you can’t hide in your basement forever. Joe’ s handlers never took it into consideration and now they have a dilemma. If they let Joe go out in public he’ll expose how awful he really is. If they don’t let him go out at all he looks like he’s MIA; which he is. It’s all one big lie. As far as i’m concerned the election of Joe Biden was the biggest lie. We all know it. We saw it.They can do a forensic audit-and they should-but most of us don’t need an audit to know it was a fraud.

The one big lie is now costing American lives. Joe looked right at George Stephanopolous and swore his generals never advised him to keep troops in Afghanistan. Biden was planning to get a 9/11 narrative and photo op over the troop withdrawal. I’m sorry but you don’t play with a dangerous situation like this. Biden even called the President Ghani of Afghanistan and asked him to lie about the situation in his country. Joe’s accustomed to our news media lying for him. He’s been corrupt for years. He’s no moderate.

Did you see all the generals associated with the Afghanistan disaster testify before Congress?

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, candidly admitted that they had recommended to Biden that the U.S. should keep a troop presence there

All these generals will get away with their malfesence. The Biden administration is not going to hold them accountable. Yet, Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is being held in a brig for pre trial detenion unable to have any contact with his parents. He’s also been placed in solitary confinement which now has become the routine for all political prisoners in the U.S. They did it to Paul Manafort. They’re doing it to the perpetrators of the Jan 6 Capitol Hill riot. Now they’re doing it to Scheller.

Marine officer Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

spoke out against the deadly incompetence on display and asked for accountability among the military leadership. His plea ended going viral and driving a conversation about the double standards in the military where Pentagon darlings can seemingly do anything without repercussion.


There’s more lies besides Biden’s outright lies to the public re Afghanistan. We all remember how he said that all the Americans and their Afghan allies would be evacuated from Afghanistan. They are still sitting behind enemy lines basically at the mercy of the ruthless Taliban. We have a hostage situation while Biden is claiming what a tremendous success he has in the terrible withdrawal. For what? Biden’s desire to have a narrative and photo op on 9/11 about HIS ending the 20 yr war. Trump had already decided to end the 20 yr war and would have proceeded during his 2nd term anyway. However, Trump’s withdrawal was to be conditions based. Big difference. Biden not only didn’t get to take his victory lap it was painful to watch the reality on the ground take place.

More big lies the media managed to cover up for Joe? Sure are. What about the Hunter Biden laptop that implicates Biden in selling out the office of VP to China and Ukraine to name a few. We know how the media including social media buried the story until after the election and they had no choice but to report it-at least give it a mention. They never really report these stories. They only do enough for a CYA.*

The lies that make me the most furious are the ones about Afghanistan. Next would be the lies about Pres. Trump and not necessarily because they impugn his character(though they do)but because they tried to wreck his first term and cost our country dearly. The ones about Afghanistan were even more egregious. They got 13 of our bravest young people murdered, left perhaps thousands behind enemy lines [they can’t or won’t tell us how many], gave the Taliban some of our best equipment, lost a whole country to the Taliban after we fought to keep them out for 20 yrs. There were 2 Afghans that died a horrible death falling from a plane trying to escape. We all saw the chaos with our own 2 eyes. There were seriously injured people, including our own, from the Kabul terroristic attack. It’s cost us in our national security and has implications far beyond 1 country. All from one big lie.

The Biden family is corrupt. The Democrat party is corrupt. Our once most trusted agencies and institutions were politicized and they’ve become corrupt. The media is definitely corrupt.

*CYA -Cover Your A–

Includes interview with the parents of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

Annihilating the Truth; Much of What You Hear about the Afghanistan Disaster is False.

absolutely fantastic piece re the Trump agreement with Taliban and Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan. It’s all laid out here. Just like the Russia Hoax the media is perpetuating a lie to try and protect Biden.Biden got caught in a lie himself to the very media that is trying to save him.He looked right at George Stephanapolous and lied to the American people.This article from Dragon Pundit is a definite must read and SHARE.

America is a Republic!

Trump, Rubio accuse General Milley of treason over Woodward exposé

Like much information we receive in this Age of Insanity, the entire process and the facts surrounding our disastrous, deadly, and embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan is full of holes and lies. One does not need Fake News, Democrats, or disingenuous ticket punching political generals to discern what actually happened. We have facts to guide us. Let’s start at the beginning of the withdrawal agreement, the facts as they lay in February 2021.

Background: The US military has not been running major ground operations with large conventional US formations since 2012. For the past several years, the Afghan Army with support from US and allied advisors, US air power, and the occasional small scale tier one action, have been fighting the Taliban. Bagram Air Field was reinforced and very defensible. The Afghans relied upon our air support. In fact, they relied extensively on us for everything. This is not a critique…

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+ We Know the 2020 Election Was Rigged

So how do we respond? We decide we’re not going to vote? Do you think the Democrats are going to stay home? They don’t even care how lousy their candidates are. The establishment picks them and they fall in line. I remember when the establishment picked Hillary Clinton on the Democrat ticket and how they thought they would get Jeb Bush on the Republican ticket. We said hell no and elected Donald Trump. The Never Trumpers and Marxist Democrats have been furious ever since. So they rigged the 2020 election to make sure it didn’t happen again and put up the 2 worst candidates-Biden and Harris.

We better vote. We better vote in huge numbers. It’s not enough that you vote but you have to see if you can get 10 other people to vote. The fact that it could be rigged is even more reason to vote the MAGA candidates.

Two people that should not be our leaders are Mitch McConnell and his prodigy John Thune. If we have to call our Senators every day and demand a decent leader then we better start calling every day. i’m dead serious. Kevin McCarthy is so so but McConnell and Thune are definitely two people we cannot afford as leaders. They’re going to cost us.

i’ve made a commitment for 2024. i’m not voting for anyone but Trump and giving us the 2nd term we should have had in 2020.It’s nobody else for me. He’s definitely going to run. i knew darned well he would never throw in the towel and he’s confirmed his intentions several times over. He can’t make a formal announcement yet but short of saying it, he’s actually said it for months.

The Marxists never give up. They’re desperate for power. We’re patriots and MAGA ppl.We’re desperate for liberty.We’re determined to save our country. They want us to throw in the towel. I know it’s difficult but we can’t afford to say there’s no use voting and stay home. Rigged or not,we vote. In fact come hell or high water we vote.

Larry Elder said it many times on the campaign trail; we vote,we win.

When the Marxists Decide to Take Our Guns-That’s It.

Jan 6 was not an insurrection. Some people participated in a riot and some were trespassers but that’s as much as the spontaneous outburst came to. It was not under the direction of anyone and the FBI concluded as much. The FBI is not a friend of Trump or his supporters so i would take them at their word in this case. Pelosi and her lot are plain evil. They’re trying to stop Trump from running and winning in 2024 and they will do anything to that end. They won’t give up power for anything. They don’t care if it’s legal or illegal; if it tramples on our constitution or not. Their oath of office means nothing.

If they try to take our guns-which is coming-i think that is the last straw. Once our guns are gone they will no longer fear us and our country WILL be lost. We’ve seen the movie before. It doesn’t end well for the citizens. We can hope the liberals wake up but they’re not considered useful idiots for nothing. Seen that movie before too.They come for the guns we have to stand up to them and if the libs can’t figure it out it’s their problem,not ours. I hope they see the light by then.