$1 Stock that Could BOOM over next decade

Nowadays banks pay next to nothing when it comes to interest. After the Great Recessions of 2007-2009 banks rules were changed to make banks wealthy and strong while giving them permission to pay customers very little. In fact, the biggest Credit Union in Utah pays .20% interest annual. Its pathetic.So out do you out earn inflation? How do you keep your money earning higher than inflation? Well your retirement money should be broken up into indexes, dividends paying stocks, blue chip stocks and companies that have the potential to go big.This way your diversifying to protect your money but also diversifying to give yourself a big boom potential on some of your money.Not long ago I had the opportunity to buy Apple Stock at $60 a share. Its now $145 a share and I missed out on that pool of money growing 150%. A friend of mine had the chance to buy Tesla stock at $100 a share. Its now trading a $794 a share. He missed out on over 600% growth.A stock that could do well is Boosh Food. They’re a plant based food group that has done very well in Canada. And guess what? They were just approved to enter the United States. As I see it they’ve already have revenue and a great product. They already have knowledgeof the food space. But best of all, they already have grocery store relationship.The stock as of this morning was trading at around $.96 a share. As of writing this it was trading over $1.10 a share. I think this could be a great stock to hold over the next 10 years. Their competitor Beyond Meat is up 68% in their first 2 years of being publicly traded.To learn more check out Booshfood.com and look at the investor tab. Also, check them out under VGGIF as their ticker symbol.

Source: $1 Stock that Could BOOM over next decade