(4002) Mark Levin Audio Rewind 09/23/2021 – The Mark Levin September 23, 2021 – YouTube

Ok Republicans,when are you going to impeach this guy? Don’t you think breaking the law is a good place to start?

`Nobody will ever convince me the Democrats didn’t cheat in the 2020 election. Look how corrupt they were for 4 yrs. while Trump was President. They would do anything, even if it were illegal, to get rid of him. Now look at the election laws they’re trying to pass. All they’re trying to do is codify the fraud they perpetrated on Trump in 2020.If it worked for 2020 why not go with it for 2022 and 24? Of course they cheated. Why wouldn’t they? Didn’t they get away with the Russia Hoax? Didn’t they get away with the fake impeachments? They weaponized all our institutions and used them against Trump; even using illegal acts. Yes, they were THAT corrupt. Did they change and we missed it? Did the media lie for them during Trump’s first term? Did they cover up for Joe and Hunter Biden during the 2020 election? I rest my case; they cheated.