Could Larry Elder Have Been the New Governor of California? How About the FUTURE Governor of Cali?

Larry Elder is a radical. This means he is not a liberal,Democrat or Marxist. In fact he’s so down to earth he could be your neighbor. He has never held office. He wasn’t 100% sold on running either; he had to be convinced he could actually help the state before he decided to run. He had a simple platform. It wasn’t overly ambitious but definitely consequential for the once golden state.It was the state everyone used to flock to. Now the people can’t get out fast enough. i know my own son had lived there for years.Raised his family there. He owned a house there and even he joined the exodus out. He’d had enough. i was a little taken aback; didn’t see that coming. He’s close to retirement so it’s a good move. He wants to live comfortably in his senior years. Makes sense. Can’t do that in California.That right there was one of the reasons Larry Elder was persuaded to run.The California Exodus.

The other reasons were failing schools, water shortages, rolling black outs, rampant homelessness, mismanagement of the forests and the high cost of housing/energy/taxes. The working definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results.Larry would have been a refreshing change.

There were people saying the election was rigged. It was. There were people saying there was fraud. There was.Elder said that they should lose graciously. He’s a class act.It’s not to say anything of those things didn’t happen but a 60% for Newsom and a 30% for recall is a little tough to overcome and blame on fraud. Somebody failed to vote and it wasn’t the Democrats.

It was a typical narrative about Elder. He is a radical. Could anyone possibly explain what is radical about Larry? They compared him to Trump. So what. Trump was a great President. Say what you like about Trump, he got things done. Biden isn’t a crisis per year; he’s been a crisis per week. The one respect elder was considerably similar to Trump [in] is that they are both outsiders-not under the influence of special interests and corporate donors. It’s why Trump’s motto was America First all along.

Then the media was telling people Elder was the black face of white supremacy. Who fell for this?

Newsom had unlimited resources so he could smear Elder all day long. It didn’t hurt that the media helped him out. Funny how it never occurred to the Democrat voters that Newsom was not running on his record. The worst lie was from the LA Times who put out a headline implying Elder was under investigation for assaulting a woman.

The actual attack is covered here:

The woman that the LA times implied was assaulted spoke out on Elder’s behalf:

This is the actual incident if the LA Times had bothered to be honest.

Elder obviously hugs the woman who is obviously a supporter. It’s the kind of journalism these liberal rags need sued for. How do you have free and fair elections with such egregious lies? It’s PROPAGANDA, not news.

On the plus side from his first run ever for office he has built a base. He is not ready to throw in the towel. He beat his Republican competition by double digits and did it without the support of the California Republican party. Should he run again they would be wise to get behind him. He told his supporters to ‘stay tuned’ during his concession speech.

Will He Run for Governor Again?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In a lengthy conversation, conservative talk show host Larry Elder said he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

When asked if he will run again for governor in 2022, Elder said “I am very likely to do that.”

“A lot of my contributors have asked me to stay in the game in the unlikely event that I don’t become governor after September the 14th,” he added. “So in all probability,  I will do just that.

Source: Recall election: Larry Elder addresses debate talking points |

Larry Elder said something else during the campaign that was very important. We vote,we win.

We can’t stay home because the election is rigged or there are corrupt people committing voter fraud. The Democrats always turn out the vote no matter how lousy their candidate is. In fact, if we know there’s fraud, if we know it’s rigged that gives us MORE reason to get out the vote. It’s not enough each of us votes-although it’s important-we have to get other people to vote too!

Donald Trump ran with all the odds against him. He had the establishment GOP opposing him. He had the Deep State on his tail. They were sure Hillary would win. Remember that-we vote, we win.

It’s a shame so many Republicans sat out the California election. We had a good man ready to turn California around and give the Republicans a Senate majority.