The Government’s Spying on Candidate Trump in the DOJ’s Project ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Started the Same Day Clinton Lawyers, Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele Met at Law Firm Perkins Coie

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Source: Joe Hoft

As Larry Johnson reported last night at TGP, the Sussman indictment yesterday indicates there may be more to the Durham investigation. But also, the indictment notes a very special date in 2016, July 29th.

Larry Johnson noted last night that there may be more to the Durham indictment with the potential for indictments related to abusing the use of government data and potential conspiracy charges for more than Sussman.

Twitter sleuth Stephen McIntyre adds more to the Sussman indictment in a Twitter thread last night.  He notes that Sussman’s work was billed to the Clinton campaign.

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Following Trump’s Warning, Justice for Jan. 6 Rally Fizzles Out in Washington D.C.

Newsweek reported that Sen Ted Lieu claimed the low turn out was due to President Trump’s waning influence. What a bunch of imbeciles. If they did actual reporting they could have figured out what actually happened.

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Source:Shane Trejo

The Justice for Jan. 6 rally, which was used as an excuse for the Biden regime and the Capitol Police gestapo to lockdown the Capitol once again, is largely unattended, with media and police standing around with only a handful of protesters.

Some early scenes from the rally can be viewed here:

Previously, President Donald Trump had warned against attending the rally because of the possibility it could turn into another event that the Democrats and media could seize upon to demonize right-wing patriots and push for a crackdown against civil liberties.

Big League Politicsreportedabout Trump’s…

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