California Wanted to Keep Governor Newsom. The People Have Spoken!

Larry Elder said it several times on the campaign trail-if we vote, we win. He’s right. Conversely, if we stay home we lose. I heard more often than not,why bother to vote they’ll just cheat. This is close to saying why bother to vote, my vote doesn’t count.

It’s self fulfilling prophecy.

Of course they’ll try to cheat. Of course there will be attempts at fraud. The first question to ask; will it be enough to make a difference? The best way to overcome cheating is to vote in HUGE numbers. Voter turn out matters.

If the recall had been by a smaller margin it might have been easy to contest. When the gap is 60% to 30% it’s a little harder to claim it was stolen or to contest the outcome. That’s a clear cut no on the recall.

Mr Elder did darned good for what he had stacked against him.

He definitely had the enthusiasm of the people who supported him.That matters.

It would have been helpful for other Republican candidates and the GOP to get behind him when it was obvious he was the front runner by double digits.

Newsom had tons of cash. Elder couldn’t come close.

The media painted Elder as a radical. Ironically Newsome is the radical.

Elder had common sense ideas on how to turn California around.

I did hear from a Newsom supporter who honestly believed none of the problems California faced were Newsom’s fault.

What was truly despicable were the LIES the media told about Larry Elder. I’d be suing for defamation of character, particularly the Los Angeles Times.

At first The Los Angeles Times downplayed the assault by reporting Larry Elder ‘cut his Venice homeless encampment tour after hostile reception.’

After downplaying the racist attack, the paper posted a misleading photo to make it look like Larry Elder was slapping a woman.

This is their headline. It sounds as if Elder is involved in the altercation so he is under investigation. Both assertions are LIES.

LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment

— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) September 9, 2021

The woman in the photo called out the Los Angeles Times but Twitter buried her tweet in “may contain offensive content” so no one can see her tweet.

Here is the photo they used.

They didn’t even have the decency to set the record straight.

Larry Elder is a good man. You have to wonder how many people were left with the impression he assaulted this woman-she denied it herself. :If they had taken a 2nd photo you could see the hug he gave her. Maybe people changed their minds about voting for him based on their lie. It is exactly what they intended.

I can understand why people would feel it’s futile to vote but it’s things like this that should give people more reason to vote. BTW i called the LA Times and raised hell over their obviously false narrative. We have to do that. We have to speak out in large numbers when we see garbage in the media.

Larry Elder is no radical. He’s a native Californian who can see what’s happened to his state. He didn’t jump in the race for fame or fortune. He’s doing well and had no need to put himself through what the leftists did to him. He honestly wanted to help out the folks and turn around his state.

At this point i have no sympathy for California. i hope they don’t decide they need a bail out and expect the other states to come to their rescue. For those that leave the state PLEASE do not bring your support for the policies that got your state in trouble.

As for the Republicans who stayed home- i don’t know what to say other than get off your butts the next time there’s a chance to change direction. All of you blew it. You had one shot at redemption. i hope you get another but i’m not so sure that will happen. I suspect Elder will run again. If he does i hope you will vote and get 10 other people to vote. The Democrats support the worst candidates but they figure out what’s at stake and they vote no matter what.

Ignore the polls. Polls don’t count. Votes do. Unfortunately the media puts out a lot of suppression polls so you believe it’s over before the votes are counted. Remember what Elder said; we vote, we win. You do know that if Elder had won and Feinstein retired during his term[VERY LIKELY] he could have appointed a Republican Senator and given them a majority. The California Recall Election had huge implications.

You’re a Republican? You’re a Californian? You didn’t vote to recall Newsom?

You blew it.