Go If You Like but it could be that Biden,Pelosi et al will have their police state ready to go-and our corrupt FBI is apt to assist them

We can’t trust any of these people. It smells of a set up. Go if you like. IMHO it’s likely a trap. We have to be smarter than these Marxists. Corrupt people like them will stoop to any level.

Maybe we can come up with another plan to draw attention to our political prisoners. If you’re bound and determined to go who am i to talk you out of it? Go if you must. It’s a worthy cause and i wish i wasn’t suspicious but this is the Biden administration we’re dealing with. Will hope for your sake all goes well. Know all of you will be in my prayers. Be cautious, k? If i come across any credible info will share it.

Tim Young may be right. Have heard this from several people. One of 2 things is possible. The left is trying to wreck it by discouraging attendance or there is a legit concern about something Biden,Pelosi and the FBI have up their sleeves.

Pres Trump even voices concern. Now i am thinking it might be better not to go.As important as the cause is, there might be a better way; set up a different date without the public announcement? A different venue perhaps?