California Missed A Golden Opportunity

The formerly Golden State of California missed an opportunity to elect a native Californian who grew up in the inner city and cared deeply about the issues facing minorities & the larger issues affecting ALL of California. Larry Elder would have represented the average Californian; they chose to hold onto a governor

whose only concern was his donors. It’s a shame. I do have more than a few words to say about the recall election, Mr Elder and the current state of affairs in California. Unfortunately i am going to have save the longer analysis for another day. i have 2 keyboards here. One that totally bit the dust and the one i’m currently using that is close to joining it. My head set looks like a chewed up tangle of wires- it,along with the keyboards, are going to the trash can. I have to wait till next month when i can at least replace the keyboard. The headset will probably make another month. The keyboard doesn’t have a prayer. The space bar works when it wants to and the frequently used e key sticks 90% of the time.

The older citizens will understand; we’re on a fixed income which means going from month to month. I wasn’t exaggerating when i said that Cleveland put us behind the 8 ball. We got by ok and managed the trips but it eventually caught up with us. We never let our rent go. It ALWAYS comes first but it put us in the dog house with the unexpected but absolutely necessary expenditures.

I believe it is very important to talk about the California recall election so we will be getting to it as soon as i have a keyboard i can count on. Larry Elder is a good man. i was convinced he could do a fantastic job with his home state. He certainly couldn’t be any worse than Newsom and some of the other less than stellar governors the state has endured.