Twitter went crazy over #LauraLogan

Journalist Laura Logan filled in for Tucker Carlson the other night 9-10-2021 and the left went nuts on Twitter. We learned even the left watches Tucker. What got their panties in a knot was her take on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. They seemed to think she was a traitor because they took it she was anti vax.

Let’s learn to pay close attention Twitter people.

First my take on the vaccine’s and Joe Biden’s mandate so you know where i’m coming from,k?

Pull the politics out of this serious health issue.

Our government has done a good job in some areas and not so good in others. i won’t break it down here so we can get right to the point. We’ll take it up in a future post; tomorrow will work.

i’m NOT opposed to the vaccine’s at all. My husband spoke with our family doctor and he got one. His home health aide got hers VOLUNTARILY because she works around the elderly with health problems. It made sense.
They’re vulnerable and she’s responsible for them.

So that’s exactly where i am on this issue. Talk to YOUR family doctor. He/she knows your medical history-your condition-and he/she can answer any questions you have. You have probably built up a trusting relationship with him/her over the years and that will be helpful in making this personal decision.

Me-i’m personally sick of the crap i see on the internet. Covid is not a hoax. It was a bio weapon designed in the Wuhan lab in China and meant to kill as many people as possible if not cause them to be incapacitated. It was designed to be easily transmissible to humans and very contagious. It was designed not only to kill people but to cripple economies.So, no, Covid is not a hoax nor is it the flu.

My question is this though; if vaccines protect the person that gets one then why would those people worry about people who are not vaccinated? I’m not being cute. i genuinely don’t get that.

I supported my husband getting the vaccination once he decided he needed it.I agree with his doctor. Covid would kill him given his age plus comorbidities.

He had no side effects.NONE. i will not say which one he got so i don’t give the appearance of promoting a particular company.

His aide had a different vaccine and she experienced a mild headache for a couple days and was feeling a little tired. It eventually went away. There are people who have underlying conditions that might cause a problem with the vaccines but your doctor would likely be aware of that. Again,talk to YOUR family doctor. These 2 cases i mentioned are based on THEIR conditions and circumstances.

My problem with Biden’s mandate: 1.he said he would never mandate the vaccines. It’s recorded. He can’t deny it. 2. he has no business mandating a vaccine for anyone.

i was hoping we could get the politics out of the discussion. The people who aren’t complying will be more apt not to comply now. Just like Biden and Harris did when Trump announced vaccine’s were forthcoming.

There are too many conspiracy theories on the internet regarding the vaccine’s. Please talk to your family doctor and stay away from the internet garbage. It should never have been made a political football.This is a very serious matter and everyone needs to take it seriously.

We have to make informed decisions as we would any medical decision. When we have any medical decision to make we usually talk it over with the doctor’s we have; it’s a personal matter.

The discussion about vaccine’s are no different. Yes,there could be a risk with the vaccines and for some the doctor will know it’s too big a risk. There is also a risk of catching the virus and dying. Our family doctor looked at my husband’s risks, we considered our circumstances and the risk if he caught covid was a far greater risk than a slightly possible risk from the vaccine.

That’s HIS case. You have to look at your own but please do. The courts will handle Joe. IMHO Biden is irrelevant. Your health and well being is your concern. Biden’s job is to deal with the Chinese CCP for what they did and for anyone who helped them out, like Fauci or the WHO.

Now for Laura Logan. She wasn’t opposing the vaccine’s. She was questioning Biden’s right to impose a mandate. Does the left know the difference? If you can show me where she said anything against anyone getting the vaccine then put it out here.

Surely you can quote her. If President Trump had issued the same mandate, the left-which includes state run media-would have used it as proof he was a dictator, a tyrant.No Logan wasn’t showing she was anti vax.

She was showing why she was anti mandate. Then she reported on another of Biden’s horrible decisions re Afghanistan and the attempt to cover it up. i’m going to guess that’s when the left started pitching a fit.

Here’s the segment in question.