Dear President Bush


just so you know i voted for you twice. Mostly because you were pro life. It’s the defining issue for me.i defended you against people who depicted you as stupid. Some depicted you as an evil war monger.Yes, defended you against all that. i also supported your decision to go into Iraq when it was not especially easy to do so. i can’t say as i was thrilled with how the war was conducted but we were there; although now i can see the wisdom of going only into Afghanistan and leaving Iraq alone. Let’s put it this way: If you give our military a mission and untie their hands they will get the job done. We do not need to be doing nation building. PERIOD.

All that said, i cannot believe what i’m about to tell you now. i am sorry i ever defended you. Maybe i would still have voted for you but defend you? How do you defend the indefensible?

i remember how respectful you were of President Obama claiming a former President should not speak up about a sitting president. When Barrack was out on the campaign trail promising the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America you should have spoken up then. Crickets. When these Marxists started the takeover of our institutions-again, silence from you. When they attacked our nominee Donald Trump with false accusations not once did you open your mouth.

Now today of all days after Biden totally destroyed the credibility of our country,got 13 of our bravest murdered and SURRENDERED to the Taliban, that our military fought so bravely against, you attacked the American people just like the left does.

Yet silence from you while Biden is destroying our country and our military.

Now you attack us?

i’m ashamed to admit i even voted for you. BTW. i intend to vote for President Trump a 3rd time-i will PROUDLY vote for him a 3rd time and you and your ilk will fade into history. i have no respect left for you or your family.NONE. You destroyed that today.

i will never forget what you did today.


You see, the Clinton’s were sure the 2016 winner would be Hillary and the Bush’s thought the Republican winner would be Jeb. Two sides of the same coin. These people think they’re entitled.

The Democrat establishment backed Hillary and rigged it for her. The left fell in line. They always do.

The Republican establishment rigged it against Donald Trump but the people won and he became our nominee in spite of them. They fought against us [with the left-the cheats, the Marxists]from 2016 on. Those ARE the Clinton’s and the Bush’s for you.

The left fell in line again for a senile piece of work in Biden. They always do. Always will. Look at the people in California who have a chance to turn their state around and will still vote to keep Newsome-a vote for their own demise.

Hopefully there’s enough ppl who will wake up soon and vote YES on the recall then vote Larry Elder; at the least they could save their state and vote YES on the recall.