Update on the tip jar;formerly titled Clinic or Bust

thanks to the 2 folks who stopped by and pitched in. Very much appreciated.Can’t say that enough. When i first opened the blog and decided to go pro making it STRICTLY a site to support candidate Trump in 2016 [and the MAGA agenda] there was no tip jar.

The goal here had nothing to do with money,donations or grifting. I never intended to have a tip jar. Some sites do but these are usually sites that have a crew that deserve to get payment for their time,effort and research.

What happened here is that i had paid for the pro WP blog when the health scare with my husband also happened. At the same time a so called friend happened to need help to the tune of 500.00. My husband went to the Cleveland Clinic twice.

We had to take the uber,train and stay over when he went out for his labs and tests.Then there was the 2nd trip for the actual surgery.Meantime said friend took off and refused to pay back on the loan we got her.Long story short, purchasing the WP pro was a good idea but during this month it was a really bad idea. Too late.The payment had already gone out.

At the time i wasn’t banned at Twitter so i thought; how about adding a tip jar-as much as i hated to do it-and send out a link to the 10k followers i had at Twitter.Surely,if half those ppl even tipped a 1.00 it would help.

You would think at least a few people there might consider a small donation. It didn’t happen. BTW eventually i was banned but for totally unrelated reasons. I’ll be honest they never told me why and to this day i don’t know why.

It costs 128.00 per year for a pro blog plus i spend 7.99 to subscribe to the Epoch Times. i don’t always use their stories but i DO use their website to verify stories i post here.

If the Epoch times goes with a story i know there’s an assurance it’s reliable and factual. This is year 3 of the blog;the problem is i’ve been in the dog house since all the expenses with Cleveland and the fly by night friend.

So i’m leaving the tip jar up until the 200.00 goal is reached. At that point I WILL be taking it out. We’re not even close. i want to take it out once the goal is reached because it’s never been about money. i tried the Amazon affiliate program for awhile;that bombed too.

While i’m out it would be incredible to find that even a few people would lend a hand. Not sold on the go fund me site.Seems like that would be the route to take but i’ve used it a couple times to help out other people and it didn’t go well at all. All i got was embarrassed and the people who really needed the help got nothing. i swore up and down never to use a go fund me account again.

Again,thanks to all the folks who stop by here whether you tip or not and a big thank you to the folks who did. I’ve always believed in the red, white and blue heart of the American people who lend a hand to their fellow citizens when needed-and even other countries. None more generous than us. I will never quit believing that.

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