Out For a Few Days

starting tomorrow am going to be making phone calls for the Elder campaign in California. i would have started today but for the fact our electric went. Something about a plant here and maintenance. Sunday going to do some maintenance of my own. The computer is starting to drag, boot up time is pathetic and there’s some small but annoying issues cropping up. It’s not a virus, hack or malware .It’s just the usual running the computer into the ground so to speak and is overdue for formatting. This will take but one day. Mostly because of the programs, software and apps to put back in-and the pictures and info that needs saved. Will be back making phone calls for Elder on Monday right up to the 14th.
i may jump in here a few times next week but if i don’t make it back till the election is over you’ll know why at least. Good time to hit the tip jar (hint).The last entries for today will be the Mark Levin interview with our beloved Pres Trump and Dan Bongino’s RUMBLE for today. Can’t miss those! And anything else that might come up between now and then.