GOP Beware: The Republican Party Did Not Carry 71,000,000+ Votes, President Trump Did… – The Last Refuge

As the republican establishment contemplates positioning themselves amid President Trump’s resolute intent to highlight a 2020 election filled with with demonstrable fraud, they would be prudent to check their political ego.President Trump has created a movement and collected the largest factual constituency of voters in the nation. This is the hill we stand upon, there is no other fallback position.

Source: GOP Beware: The Republican Party Did Not Carry 71,000,000+ Votes, President Trump Did… – The Last Refuge

You Do Know Why The Biden Admin is Indoctrinating the Military

They fear a coup

After everything Biden has done to our country and our brave servicemen and women [and what Biden et al intends to do in the future] it wouldn’t be a stretch to think they’re worried[likely paranoid] the military could turn on them.

I wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed if it took a military coup to get Biden and his cohorts out of office after everything they’ve done. Maybe that’s exactly what they are worried about.

Our news media participated in getting this scum installed into office. There’s no way in hell Biden ever got 81 million votes. There couldn’t be that many people stupid enough to vote for him. As long as the Democrats were corrupt enough to cheat the least they could have done is picked a nominee that wouldn’t destroy our country. They picked someone who would be a good puppet.Biden is definitely corrupt enough.

Unfortunately they picked someone that was obviously too far gone to put out in the public.They had to hide him out of sight on the campaign trail.What they didn’t take into consideration is that as President that doesn’t fly. You have to pop out in public from time to time because events will force you.So what does he do when he is forced to be out here? They tell him if he’s allowed to take questions from the press and who he is supposed to call on.

When all else fails run for the door,turn your back. The press actually let’s him get away with this.Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump did this? Whenever our 45th President had a presser they acted like a bunch of mad chimpanzees.

he can’t even say Afghanistan.mumbles out something
Nope. No questions. Not the first instance either. There’s dozens.

Maybe if they’d ask him what flavor of ice cream he likes he could handle it.Thank these same people.They’re the ones who got him installed. BTW. They’ll be dropping the topic of Afghanistan soon and trying to move on to cover up for him.What shall they cover? The border crisis? Nope. Inflation? Nope. Poor jobs numbers? Nope. High gasoline prices? Nope. Back to what flavor of ice cream do you like questions.

i hope to God he doesn’t get to speak at the 9/11 ceremonies in NYC. He’s done enough damage.

When the military figures out he’s the domestic enemy they swore to defend us against maybe we’ll get that military coup i dream about. Wishful thinking,right? We have to live in the real world. i just don’t think we can survive another 3 yrs of Biden.

Mitch McConnell thinks the Republicans shouldn’t try to impeach him.i beg to differ. When has McConnell ever been right about anything? I know we don’t have the votes but we still have to at least try to hold him accountable for what happened in Afghanistan. You don’t let him get away with murder-literally-then let him hide out in the White House with no consequences.

When’s McConnell stepping down? Can’t be soon enough.And no,not John Thune to replace him. He was handpicked by McConnell.That’s dead. We’re not going to tolerate turtle 2.0

Wake up Republicans. Impeach Biden,votes or no! Take a stand here. I’ve read good arguments for letting it go[impeachment]but given the gravity of what Biden has done have to support impeachment.

UPDATE: SIX PLANES in Northern Afghanistan NOW HELD HOSTAGE BY TALIBAN — Filled with Americans and Afghan SIV Holders #BidenEffect

Now we know why the media was ignoring this story.The Taliban is holding the planes filled with Americans HOSTAGE in Northern Afghanistan!As reported earlier, several retired Special Forces and US Veterans traveled to Afghanistan to rescue and bring the people Americans home that Joe Biden left stranded. – story continues below

Source: UPDATE: SIX PLANES in Northern Afghanistan NOW HELD HOSTAGE BY TALIBAN — Filled with Americans and Afghan SIV Holders #BidenEffect