the ultimate gaslight 2: what do eric, joe, vodka nance, & the kraken all have in common?

Ashe in America

Last week, I shared the real story of Eric Coomer and the award-winning fictional short story, I mean, opinionated editorial put out by Susan Dominus at the New York Times Magazine. This week, we are going to examine the other side of this article, the completion of the re-framing of heroes and villains in this fairy tale.

Let me preface this with a warning: It’s really long. It’s worth it though! It’s a multimedia journey through a few different fake news stories you know and love, and sets the record straight on a lot of media lies in one (long) fell swoop. With receipts, of course. I learned a lot writing the second half of this saga, and I hope you enjoy! We are going deep today.

First, let’s revisit a tactic made famous by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The Wrap Up Smear.

A Primer on Schmears

Here is the…

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