Hello 📣 Republicans

McConnell. Give him his walking papers. He’s no leader unless you’re going over a cliff.

If this had been Trump orchestrating the Afghanistan disaster and getting our soldiers killed by a terrorist, leaving Americans behind to become sitting ducks for the Taliban,ISIS and Al Queda then leaving our best military equipment to the Taliban he would have had to resign in shame. There is no doubt. Biden? Nothing.He gets a pass. Republicans? At this point a waste of space.

The Democrats were planning to impeach Trump as soon as he was sworn into office. They did. They tried to impeach him a 2nd time AFTER they got him out of office. Stupid, yes, but that didn’t stop them. Remember the investigations week after week for 4 yrs. Why are you Republicans just sitting there playing nice with these people?

Antifa openly made their intentions known. They were going to raise hell until Trump was removed and threatened to continue on if he were re-elected. These ppl attacked federal officers, tried to burn down federal buildings, assaulted innocent people and some ppl were killed. They attacked police officers and their departments. Their plan-get Trump out of office. They actually announced their intentions. That IS an insurrection and here is what it looks like: (slide show)

Biden and Harris supported these ppl and you’re sitting on your butts playing nice?

Biden is wrecking OUR country. McConnell backstabbed OUR President. Either you ppl step up or we will find people to primary as many of you as we possibly can.