Calls To Impeach Biden Are Wrong

some good points to really consider.of course he wouldn’t be removed. Don’t have the votes;but it would damage him and keep him tied up for awhile.There’s that side of it.Like to get some comments & see where the folks are on this.Both sides have good reasons. He certainly deserves it. Milley,Blinken and Austin need to step down or be canned.No doubt on that one.

The Lone Cactus

I know, I know. Nobody, not even Democrats like the fact Joe Biden is our President. Independents are bailing on the Commander-In-Chief quickly, and Republicans have never liked the guy. He’s lost all credibility to lead a nation both domestically through failed fiscal and social policies, and internationally by turning his back on our friends and allies with the abortion known as the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The cries have come rather early from the right to have Joe Biden resign or be impeached. They want K-baby Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment, which believe me, she’d LOVE to do. I don’t think she could get the majority of the Cabinet to go along with that just yet. And I don’t think it would be the best thing for the country at this point either. We know both devils in charge, and neither is all that great. If you’re going to get…

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