Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America on Southern Border & Afghan Refugees

Source: Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America on Southern Border & Afghan Refugees

The following is a statement from the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.In the following statement, the 45th President addresses the insane open border with Mexico and how it’s a virtual free for all, and then he also addresses the unvetted Afghan refugees. Asking “How many terrorists are among them?”Its’ a great question, and should be addressed because millions are thinking exactly what he’s thinking.

OUTRAGEOUS: Biden Defense Dept HAS NOT Communicated with Taliban to Release Stranded Americans Including 27 School Children from California… Showing No Interest in Saving American Lives

Evans News Report

There are several hundred Americans still stranded in Afghanistan after Joe Biden pulled all US troops from the country on Monday. At least 27 California students are hiding in Afghanistan after they were not allowed to leave the country. According to family members, the Taliban prevented the children from reaching the Kabul airport to evacuate…

Source: OUTRAGEOUS: Biden Defense Department HAS NOT Communicated with Taliban to Release More Stranded Americans Including 27 School Children from California

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the ultimate gaslight 2: what do eric, joe, vodka nance, & the kraken all have in common?

Ashe in America

Last week, I shared the real story of Eric Coomer and the award-winning fictional short story, I mean, opinionated editorial put out by Susan Dominus at the New York Times Magazine. This week, we are going to examine the other side of this article, the completion of the re-framing of heroes and villains in this fairy tale.

Let me preface this with a warning: It’s really long. It’s worth it though! It’s a multimedia journey through a few different fake news stories you know and love, and sets the record straight on a lot of media lies in one (long) fell swoop. With receipts, of course. I learned a lot writing the second half of this saga, and I hope you enjoy! We are going deep today.

First, let’s revisit a tactic made famous by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The Wrap Up Smear.

A Primer on Schmears

Here is the…

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Milley: ‘What You Saw Unfold’ with Afghanistan Evacuation Was One of the Plans, ‘There Was an Extensive Amount of Planning in This’

During an interview with Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin aired on Saturday’s “Fox Report,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said that the speed of the collapse of Afghanistan’s military and government was a surprise, and “what you saw unfold with this noncombatant evacuation operation was one of the contingency plans.” And “There was an extensive amount of planning in this.”

Source: Milley: ‘What You Saw Unfold’ with Afghanistan Evacuation Was One of the Plans, ‘There Was an Extensive Amount of Planning in This’

Calls To Impeach Biden Are Wrong

some good points to really consider.of course he wouldn’t be removed. Don’t have the votes;but it would damage him and keep him tied up for awhile.There’s that side of it.Like to get some comments & see where the folks are on this.Both sides have good reasons. He certainly deserves it. Milley,Blinken and Austin need to step down or be canned.No doubt on that one.

The Lone Cactus

I know, I know. Nobody, not even Democrats like the fact Joe Biden is our President. Independents are bailing on the Commander-In-Chief quickly, and Republicans have never liked the guy. He’s lost all credibility to lead a nation both domestically through failed fiscal and social policies, and internationally by turning his back on our friends and allies with the abortion known as the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The cries have come rather early from the right to have Joe Biden resign or be impeached. They want K-baby Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment, which believe me, she’d LOVE to do. I don’t think she could get the majority of the Cabinet to go along with that just yet. And I don’t think it would be the best thing for the country at this point either. We know both devils in charge, and neither is all that great. If you’re going to get…

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PUTTING POLITICS ABOVE DUTY TO AMERICA AND AMERICANS: After Attacking Trump for Visiting Historical Church Burned By Leftists…General Milley Defends Biden Stating ‘What You Saw Unfold’ with Afghanistan Evacuation Was One of the Plans, ‘There Was an Extensive Amount of Planning in This’

Exclusive — Donald Trump: All U.S. States Should Go to Paper Ballots, Same-Day in-Person Voting, Voter ID

BEDMINSTER, New Jersey — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News that all states should ditch voting machines and return solely to paper ballots, in addition to eliminating early voting and instituting voter ID requirements coast to coast.

Asked during a nearly two-hour interview at his golf club last week what reforms he thinks could fix the system and restore confidence in American elections, Trump listed several things he hopes states will implement to reform the system.

“Voter ID is very important,” Trump told Breitbart News. “Frankly, going to paper ballots is better than anything you can do — paper ballots. Going to paper ballots. You know, Canada uses paper ballots. I think going to paper ballots would be the best thing if you want to have accurate elections. Countries that do paper ballots — solidly watched paper ballots — those are the ones that work. 

And stop the mail-in ballots unless it’s for military and overseas or very sick people, people that just can’t vote — and they have to have some kind of a real excuse. I think paper ballots, same-day voting would be great. Those things, you’d straighten out your elections.”

Source: Exclusive — Donald Trump: All U.S. States Should Go to Paper Ballots, Same-Day in-Person Voting, Voter ID

Hello 📣 Republicans

McConnell. Give him his walking papers. He’s no leader unless you’re going over a cliff.

If this had been Trump orchestrating the Afghanistan disaster and getting our soldiers killed by a terrorist, leaving Americans behind to become sitting ducks for the Taliban,ISIS and Al Queda then leaving our best military equipment to the Taliban he would have had to resign in shame. There is no doubt. Biden? Nothing.He gets a pass. Republicans? At this point a waste of space.

The Democrats were planning to impeach Trump as soon as he was sworn into office. They did. They tried to impeach him a 2nd time AFTER they got him out of office. Stupid, yes, but that didn’t stop them. Remember the investigations week after week for 4 yrs. Why are you Republicans just sitting there playing nice with these people?

Antifa openly made their intentions known. They were going to raise hell until Trump was removed and threatened to continue on if he were re-elected. These ppl attacked federal officers, tried to burn down federal buildings, assaulted innocent people and some ppl were killed. They attacked police officers and their departments. Their plan-get Trump out of office. They actually announced their intentions. That IS an insurrection and here is what it looks like: (slide show)

Biden and Harris supported these ppl and you’re sitting on your butts playing nice?

Biden is wrecking OUR country. McConnell backstabbed OUR President. Either you ppl step up or we will find people to primary as many of you as we possibly can.