MAGA Candidates, Larry Elder

i know my MAGA Candidates page is leaning heavily for Larry Elder. i bet 90% of the whole page is dedicated to him. There’s good reason for that. The voting in California has already started and it ends soon-Sept 14 is the last day to vote.

Mr Elder has to get turn out and they have to vote RECALL. Newsome has unlimited resources. He can raise funds with no limit and money is flowing in from a lot of very rich donors INCLUDING George Soros!! Larry doesn’t have this perk. We have really got to pitch in for Larry to win. He’s got the numbers to beat all the candidates on the ballot.That’s not a problem. Newsome must be recalled with 50+1 voting to actually recall him. With that out of way then you vote Larry Elder. It’s all on the same ballot-MUST DO BOTH!

We have exactly 10 days left to get er done. Please donate what you can. See if you can get others to donate to Mr. Elder. Donate your time too if you’re able. The more volunteers the better. California is a big state. Newsome has his anti Elder ads all over the tv. He can afford to buy them. You live in California? Vote and get 10 people to vote.

Seriously, this California election of Larry Elder would be a game changer in more ways than one and the Democrats know it.They’re working overtime to keep Larry out and keep Newsome in. They’re pouring in with beacoup bucks to buy anti Elder ads all over the place to smear him.He has to be able to fight back. It matters.


For one, it would save the once golden state. It would put the other states on notice. Finally, here’s another very important fact. Sen Diane Feinstein is reportedly not well and could soon retire. i don’t wish ill on anyone. There were times Sen Feinstein was a truly nice person. i wish her well and hope she recovers but realistically she would probably be retiring anyway. When she does-it’s not if she does at this point-Elder, as governor of her state, would appoint a Senator giving the Republicans another needed vote in the Senate!!! They would have the majority. Holy cow, this election IS a real game changer. Now you see why Newsome must be recalled. Elder is THE best choice to replace him.

#SaveCalifornia #SaveAmerica #RecallNewsome #ElectElder

Yep.Think of that. i hadn’t even considered it but it’s true. That’s another reason the Dems are cranking it up for Newsome. They know everything that is at stake here. We do too and we have 10 days left to fight like mad for Mr Elder. He’s a good man and will do a fantastic job. He has a state to save and we have a country to save. Elder gets elected it’s the start of something big.

i will be highlighting the other MAGA candidates but since they’re further down the road and Larry’s is but days away we’ll wait a bit and keep him out there. i’m not shorting anyone because they’re not great candidates.They are and Trump has endorsed a few more. We’ll catch up soon enough. We can’t afford to lose this one. I honestly put the importance of the election of Larry Elder right up there with the importance of the elections of 2022 and the election of Pres. Trump in 2024! You could call it the California earthquake of 2021.

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