#RecallNewsome too close to call? Are you kidding me?

The one thing the former golden state is best known for :

California is the third-most-expensive state in the U.S. with notoriously high housing and transportation costs. California’s housing index is 196.5, and its transportation index is 132.4, the second- and third-highest in the U.S., respectively. The average two-bedroom apartment in California runs for about $2,495 per month and is even more expensive in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. California has some of the highest gasoline prices in the United States, and the average monthly energy bill is about $237.13.


Right there is the main, although not the only reason, my son and his family left Cali. It’s one of the reasons there is a growing exodus out of California for other states.

Other reasons are likely the rolling blackouts, wildfires, poor education, & rampant homelessness in some major cities.

So half of Californians are prepared to vote to ensure the further decline of their state?If these polls are correct one of these things would have to be true:

  1. Californians believe Newsome is doing a good job; the people of Cali have a different idea than most people of what constitutes good governance.
  2. the people of California don’t pay close attention to the issues that affect their state.
  3. they are convinced that Newsome will address the problems they face in the near future. Of course, if he hasn’t by now chances are it’s highly unlikely he ever will but politicians like Newsome are good at persuasion around election time.
  4. they would rather stick with the poor governance they do know because they were told candidate Larry Elder was radical.Can’t have someone that might actually go out on a limb to save California.

I feel bad for California. Hard to believe after all those people signed the petition to get the recall and half the population wants to stick with Newsome. There was a time the state of California was the place to go-now people who can get out are getting out. You hate to think what it will be like a year from now if Elder doesn’t get elected. It’s the one shot they have to turn things around. I hope they take the opportunity. You never know about these polls anymore though do you? Just vote folks! It matters. Always said, in the end polls don’t count, votes do.

Larry Elder is a native Californian. He’s a good man. He has no special interest donors supporting him. He’s honestly in the race to help the state of California and the folks most affected by Newsome’s poor policies.

ElectElder.com and consider a small donation.