Gaslighting and Detailing – The Psychological Manipulation of Jen Psaki.

America is a Republic!

The Democrat party loves to use psychology to smoke the American people. They do this to capture attention, plant fear, and divert attention from their incompetence. Psaki works in her position because she is versed in this head game and has no scruples whatsoever. We can remember the Clinton era term Wag the Dog, which was using nominal military action somewhere to relieve pressure on all the consternation at the Oval Office Cigar Tube Insertions and lies. The Democrats have only refined this approach because they believe we are stupid.

Psaki starts every session with -The President is monitoring closely… or The President and his staff are HEAVILY INVOLVED in… to try to gain confidence. Today she says “We are closely coordinating with state officials every step of the way” and “something that he was monitoring over the course of the weekend” but we all know Biden was monitoring his…

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