2 thoughts on “(3254) Life, Liberty & Levin 8/29/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS August 29,21 – YouTube

  1. Theresa

    1st time watching this show.. .Trying to watch Mr. Levin & Colonel Kemp in a serious manor and was very distracted by the young lady smiling (serious subject) using some sort of weird sign language (not anything recognizable). Is this always on this FOX show??


    1. my apologies. i should explain when i post this stuff. Anytime someone on you tube uploads a video from a major cable news station like Fox there is a good chance of a copyright violation against the you tube user. What happens then is the video is pulled. Sometimes you’ll see those here and after a few days it comes up as unavailable. So what the you tube users can do to avoid copy right violations is to put a short break in the video-but that’s extremely annoying. Some put up images over parts of the feed. You’ll see these videos with pictures of Trump plastered all over them. i totally support Trump but these pictures cover up parts you’d like to see. The final way to get around the violation is the one you’re seeing.They put a little animated image out of the way so you can still see the feed but it keeps the video protected.


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