What is Wrong with Kamala Harris

sums er up (succinctly)

America is a Republic!

What is wrong with Kamala Harris? Well, beyond ending up behind the VP desk that requires way more than she has to offer, her Senior Advisor and Spokesperson is 32 year old Business Degree Symone Sanders, the outlandish walking filibustering bullshit artist/CNN big mouth. Her resume is, she worked on Bernie Sanders campaign. She was a Biden handler, dragging him from his monthly campaign event making sure he didn’t drool himself.

This is not a person to be a senior advisor to elementary school children let alone the Vice President of the United States. She is a far left believer who uses her great capacity to create sentences without meaning. She is a low rent version of Samantha Powers, a person that is convinced as to her own virtue and sworn to reveal her awesomeness for all to see. She is an arrogant jerk and knows nothing of import. She…

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