How The GOP Committed Suicide Trying to Stop Trump – by Emerald Robinson – Emerald Robinson’s The Right Way

When did the GOP cease to be a functioning party? When was the exact moment that you knew the GOP establishment stands for nothing and stands against nothing?
For many, this became apparent in the awful months immediately after Election Day 2020, of course, when a steady stream of GOP leaders took to the airwaves to let their voters know that “the most secure election in history” had just taken place.

For others, it was the Second Impeachment of Citizen Trump — a symbolic exercise that only served to destroy the political career of Mitch McConnell, and raze his reputation as the bluegrass Machiavelli of our times.

McConnell wanted Trump convicted, that’s for sure. He pushed that sham until it was clear that he didn’t have the votes.
The GOP establishment wanted Trump dead and buried to clear the way for Their People in 2024. At the 11th hour, McConnell realized that he didn’t have the votes and so he told his Republican colleagues: he would no longer vote to convict President Trump.

The entire pointless exercise had only served to enrage the GOP base. This time there was no ground cover to hide his double-dealing.

The Turtle had been caught. This was his show.Two months earlier, Mitch had told Americans that he would never be bullied into giving them any more stimulus money for COVID — one week after he told Americans that he was prepared to give the rest of the world $700 billion.

Why was McConnell unable to provide some fiscal relief for working class Americans? (After all, not everybody was lucky enough to marry the daughter of a Chinese shipping tycoon who happened to leave you between $5million and $25 million as a personal gift.)

It seemed suddenly obvious that The Turtle was not actually a political genius. What was he doing? He seemed to be leading a revolt of GOP politicians against their own voters.McConnell wasn’t the only one who recently drove himself off the proverbial cliff like Thelma & Louise.

Look at how many of them bought the January 6th insurrection story hook, line, and sinker! Did they know it was a fabricated FBI plot? Probably. Did they care how many American citizens would be jailed without being charged illegally for months? Not in the slightest.

It’s not just Romney, Sasse, Murkowski, Collins, and the usual cast of “useful idiots” for the Democrat Party either.
It’s Lindsey Graham telling you that he’s “getting to the bottom of things” every night on cable TV for five years. It’s Kevin McCarthy getting caught renting rooms at the Frank Luntz Day Camp for Future OxyContin Lobbyists after being forced to remove the unpopular neocon gasbag Liz Cheney from GOP leadership even though McCarthy was the one who had elevated her in the first place.

You simply can’t quantify that kind of stupidity.You would think that shame or self-preservation would put a stop to the self-humiliation that these people indulge in almost daily. But you would be wrong. Since that second impeachment farce, the situation has actually gotten much worse.

It’s now clear that the GOP is unable to function even as an opposition party in the minority. This became abundantly clear during the rushed Senate confirmations of Biden’s cabinet nominees.

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When will McConnell get the boot? When we DEMAND it-that’s when.Let the rest of the rats know they are on notice.

What Is Going On Here (not a good sign)?

Joe Biden is at the podium following a speech on the terror attack at Kabul. He has to look at a paper . He checks to see who he has been ‘INSTRUCTED’ to take questions from in the WH press pool.His words, not mine.

He’s [supposedly]the President of the United States and he’s being instructed? He’s so out of it he actually tells the press. Not a good sign.