Biden: America Will Retaliate Against ISIS for Kabul Bombings

as my mother used to say…”and you’ll 💩 too if you’re well fed”.

Mom was the nicest person on the planet-a devout Catholic-but if she thought something she didn’t mince words. She’d tell you the truth whether you wanted to hear it or not whether you liked it or not.

Biden isn’t going to do squid and if does he’ll screw it up so badly we’ll be sorry he did anything. I wouldn’t hold my breathe though. He and Obama called ISIS the JV team.Pres Trump had their caliphate bombed out of existence and their leader killed.

Biden had 1 tough question from Steve Doocy and he was exasperated. He’s used to having his butt kissed. Trump was attacked by every ‘reporter’ at every presser.