Survey: Would appreciate your input.

Are you more apt to read an article that is short or more detailed(generally long)?

Would you rather i post a podcast than spend your time reading?

Doesn’t matter?

Are you able to access the cable news you would like? If you can’t i will try to get the news you are interested in watching. One of the problems that comes up is the availability can be short lived. Some of them end up pulled on you tube but i will continue to post them if you’re interested.

If i post a you tube, rumble or podcast is that something you are interested in watching/hearing or is this something you can generally find on your own?

Do you like to read a blog entry that is a reblog from another source?

Can you discern my own commentary from the commentary of another source?

Is my commentary/analysis useful to you in any way or would you prefer i do strictly fact gathering from other sources?

i try not to cover the same topics other people are covering to avoid being redundant. What topics would YOU prefer to see covered?

Do you feel free to comment here or would you like to comment but feel reluctant?

If i ask for an entry to be tweeted are you apt to do it or not?

Finally, i have asked for donations to the ‘tip jar’. How do you feel about making donations to a blog that makes a request?

i put a 200.00 cap on it-which makes back some of what i have put into the blog to go pro and to subscribe to the Epoch Times. i use them for news gathering more often than not.

i did not intend to continue the ‘tip jar’ past the 200.00 goal. The purpose of the blog is to support Pres Trump and the MAGA movement; not to make money.

I hope it is understood that at the time i made the payments to Word Press i ended up having some financial issues unexpectedly come up.

I don’t foresee a repeat of the unusual circumstances we ran into. I could never have imagined we’d end up at the Cleveland Clinic one day.

Do you have any suggestions to share? i had one reader offer some criticism and it was helpful. Do not be afraid to offer criticism of the blog. There is always room for improvement.