Let’s Face the Truth. Biden is not going to get our people out

The Cavalry isn’t going to ride in to save the day. Biden could unleash the power and expertise of our military if he had the will. He not only doesn’t have the will,it’s worse. He doesn’t care. He’s counting on the short attention span of the American people to move onto the next news cycle and Afghanistan to fade into the background. He will find a way to blame others for his intentional abandonment of our citizens and partners.

This is on his hands. It doesn’t matter how his spokespeople spin it or how utterly detached from reality he is-it’s on his watch. It was his decisions.

He believes we’ll forget. We will NEVER forget. He should resign and anyone else in his admin associated with the disaster in Afghanistan should also resign.

Hold him accountable. i have never seen a Pres with such a lack of concern for our own citizens. Pres Trump would never have allowed this to happen.