Hey Dems: What Price Your Deep State Pals Now?

Nwo Report

Source:Christopher Chantrill

It really was tremendous fun back in the Trump era when all you media mavens were acting as the willing accomplices of the Deep State in undermining and dispatching that notorious mean tweeter to Outer Slobbovia. Or at least to Mar-a-Lago.

How are you chaps — and the weeping Rachel Maddow — feeling now, as the Deep State turns on Joe Biden?

I mean, now that Trump is safely out of the way — or is he? — maybe you guys are ready to discuss the performance of the CDC and its octogenarian chappie Dr. Fauci during the late COVID episode.

Maybe you guys are ready to discuss the competence of the whole foreign policy / defense / intelligence community. Hey! The U.S. has 17 – seventeen — intelligence agencies. Do you think that helped or hindered in the run-up to the Afghanistan debacle?

Maybe you…

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