@brhodes throwing in his stupid .02 worth on Twitter

We were energy independent before Biden took office. We were no longer at the mercy of Opec. President’s don’t control oil prices per se-that’s true-but the policies they institute can affect supply and demand meaning price in the end. Biden shut down our pipe lines and gave the green light to Putin. Now Biden is begging Opec to lower prices.They basically told him to pound sand.

i can tell you our gas prices here were less than 2.00 per gal when Trump was in office and since Biden was elected regular here goes for 3.36 and as high as 4.16 for premium. Are we not supposed to believe what we see?

The President has nothing to do with inflation? Since when? Bad economic policies can do major damage including cause inflation.People vote their wallets, food on the table, gas in their vehicle.Rhodes knows it too.