Mark Levin Audio Rewind 8.23.21 (added commentary)

Why is the Biden administration lying about Afghanistan and waiting for the news cycle to move on? Simple. This is a fake presidency counting on the media to provide cover. It doesn’t matter what Joe does-he owns the state run media and they’ve done a damned good job of covering up for him all along. He is confident they will, even if Americans lose their lives in Afghanistan.

He’ll make all these terrible decisions and the media will just move along to the next ‘story.’ The only way to get the Biden administration to do the right thing and save our people is for the media to turn on him and start reporting the truth.

Otherwise there is no incentive for him. He takes for granted that his butt is covered. He thinks being President all boils down to a news cycle. He’s convinced the American people will move on.

I tried calling the WH comment line to let him know how angry i was to think he’d let our American people get slaughtered by the Taliban.They still do not have the WH comment line open.It was when Trump was president.Biden is not going to take comments. He doesn’t care what we think as long as we vote for him.

Our allies are not too happy either, but to talk to the Biden supporters you’d think our relationship with them is the best its been in years.

Ironically,i see Politico actually told the truth about the situation in Afghanistan and their readers are now calling them liars because they dared to criticize Biden. People better wake up.

The whole Biden admin is lying to the American people and our citizens are going to be left behind & slaughtered in a foreign country because of this man. It’s going to take every news organization-the majority at least- in the United States to tell the truth, for Biden to know he doesn’t have cover.

Biden must resign and all those officials in his administration that contributed to the catastrophe better go with him.The American ppl have a right to be furious. We better speak up loud and clear. Republicans-where are you?

You don’t have a majority. i get that. Not the point. If he refuses to resign, impeach him. At the least it will make a statement.

IMHO and this is absolutely opinion only. i bet our government-especially the ABC agencies(notably the intel community)-played a major role in Ashraf Ghani becoming the President of Afghanistan.

Was he corrupt? You bet,but that’s probably the kind of person our Intel community prefers because they are easier to manipulate. Unfortunately, these installed leaders don’t have any principles and that’s what matters.

Look at the President we have now. Corrupt as hell; no principles,but the agencies that conspired against Trump had none either. They helped pull off the coup here and NONE of them have been held accountable. Our state run media is corrupt.

They’re going to be sorry when Biden is done with our country. When one of their journalists [in Afghanistan] is left behind by Joe maybe they’ll start doing their job. i hate to think it would take that to make them honest.