@ElginCharles #TrumpRally I’ve been dewormed. You’re safe.

Elgin Charles is one hip, cool, woke guy. I ceased being ‘cool’ a long time ago and not quite sure what the new lexicon means-furthermore, don’t care. Not impressed with people who are convinced there’s more than 2 genders.

i don’t eat pork rinds. Sorry, don’t care for em but to each his own.Pizza is the best food on the planet and i love making onion soup.

Now let’s talk about misinformation. What about the Russia Collusion story where everyone and his brother/sister was a Russian agent.Nearly 4 yr of that nonsense. Maybe longer since there are people who still believe it.

Worse, we had to suffer through a 3 yr fake special counsel and Adam Schiff’s regular appearances on state run media saying he had evidence he never had to produce.

Unfortunately this was small potatoes compared to what we have now endured for 6 months. We backwards pork rind eating stupid people are watching the demise of our own beautiful country. The one my grandfather fought for in WWI, my father in WWII. My own son joined the military out of high school and served under Clinton,Obama and Trump; he now serves under Biden.Thank God he’s close to retirement.

with my beautiful Italian mother. God rest her soul

Elgin Charles and people like him believe they are smarter, sharper, more sophisticated than people like us. People like Elgin grew up in a world where they never had to face real hardship and adversity like the greatest generation did. The one my parents had to live through. i understand his thinking though. i was a liberal for years. Our parents left a country for us better off than the one they grew up in. We had far too much handed to us. We were given freedom they never had but we refused to take the responsibility that went with it. We decided that the values and traditions our parents had were too outdated for the modern world.

i had an epiphany. First,i realized we all come with an expiration date. Yep, all of us get to meet our maker and have to give an account of what transpired in that hyphen between the dob and final day on our headstone.

Second, i realized i had been sold a bill of goods.Now that bill of goods has Marxism written all over it. i didn’t think i’d live to see the day.

Finally, any political party or group of people/organization that can support the genocide of 60 million plus human beings doesn’t really give a fat rats butt about anyone.That was the last straw. I saw how people like Elgin attacked the ‘backwards’ people too. They weren’t as tolerant as they professed to be.

Now i watch the state run media lie about the man i elected President. Was he flawed? Yep. Trump does not walk on water. Was he a great President? The greatest i have seen in my lifetime.

The truth is Biden shouldn’t be President. The damage he has done to our country in just 6 months may be irreparable. I’m heart broken.We’re all heartbroken. Everything they accused Trump of being, is what Biden is. Everything they accused Trump of doing is what the left has done. Unfortunately Elgin has a darkened intellect and he can’t see it. Me,the only one i answer to is God. PERIOD.

Elgin will always see us as pork rind eating dewormed misinformed commoners who just haven’t had the benefit of his great enlightenment. It will be our sons & daughters, wives & husbands-the stupid Trump supporters- who will go into battles to defend his right to say that.

Elgin will always buy the Trump is a racist, misogynist, traitorous bastard who was destroying our country even if the facts don’t bear it out. The state run media and his enlightened friends told him so. If you can’t see what Biden has done to our country i actually feel sorry for you but i feel even sorrier for our children & grandchildren. i hope i live long enough to see Trump returned to the White House in 2024 but i can’t even imagine the hell the left will put all of us through-Trump included-to get there.

BTW, Elgin,nobody was ‘fleeced’ at the Trump rally. We don’t have an anti American George Soros to back our candidate with an endless flow of cash either.