And now a pause from the liberal lunacy for a quick question

We’re in a surprised-cartoon-pickle-vector-id527781757

could you spare a back-of-a-nickel-clipart-etc-tBToka-clipart

a 5-dollar-clip-art-5(or 2)would save the day

we’d be so grateful we’d be glad to repay

were in a glass-jar-of-honey-with-strawberry-vector-id855340848 (1)

could use a glass-jar-of-honey-with-strawberry-vector-id855340848

hated to ask-hope you understand!

We can pay you back the 1st week of Sept or pay it forward to the charity or blog of YOUR choice. Whichever you’d prefer.The goal has always been 200.00 and when reaching that goal; quit. It was never my intention to write this blog for money.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be,
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Good advice but there always comes a time when most of us need a little help, as much as we hate to be in that position. I always try to find a better way. This time i see no other options. I do see this being temporary and a short lived circumstance. We’re been trying to get on our feet since we got back from Cleveland. Once you start treading water all you can do is try to keep from drowning. We’d like to be able to stop treading.So if you could drop in the tip jar today we would truly appreciate it. Like i said,it could be a loan we’d repay OR we could just pay it forward to the charity or blog of YOUR choice(even your own).

Just to let you all know i’ve tried out the anchor podcast program. Not bad. i don’t have a mic at the moment but sometime in the near future will get one. I’m also considering doing a few you tubes, see how it goes and if all goes well, monetize it. We’ll see, but i am sure i’ll be doing the podcast here at Word Press with Anchor. Anyone else tried it? Your thoughts.

In the first one there’s 2 sentences where the inflection for a period was left out. It didn’t sound too bad otherwise. This is one reason i’d prefer to use a mic. More control so mistakes like that don’t happen. i’ll be posting a link for the first one later today. Tell me what you think. I used one of the shorter blog entries.