Know Why Biden is Lying?

Not hard. He believes the state run media will carry water for him. So far, no matter what he does or even what he did on the campaign trail, the media was always there to provide cover for him. They never attacked him relentlessly like they did Trump.He gets questions such as, what kind of ice cream do you like? The problem now is there’s no way on earth to cover up for him. They can’t control the narrative anymore. He can hide away all he wants but the pictures are still going to come in.

They banned Trump from Twitter. They censored the news about Hunter Biden. They told the American people the lie about Russian Collusion for 4 yrs. They wouldn’t let anyone question the election results. Biden has made lot of bad decisions domestically and they’ve managed to keep that narrative controlled.

There’s no way to control the narrative about Afghanistan.Joe is trying;the media would like to cover him but they can’t. It’s very serious business here. Americans could get killed and Afghanis are going to be slaughtered. Our allies are done with us. China is eyeing Taiwan and Russia is looking at the Ukraine. Biden is weak and we have no one to help us. Why wouldn’t they make their moves now?

Sad. Orange Man put America first and we were doing so well. At the least,when it mattered,none of this would have happened under Pres Trump.Say what you like-hate him all you want-we were better off . What a crisis we face now. I’m sorry but it’s disgusting. We better pray not one American is killed. Joe better hope.

Why not go to Jill Biden and ask her to get her husband to resign and if he refuses the 25th amendment would hold up in his case. i don’t think he’d refuse. I bet he would rather be in Delaware. Joe’s not with the program.