There’s A ‘Cackling Imbecile On Deck’ If Biden Resigns’ Over Afghanistan Says James Woods

can’t be worse. at least she has some mental faculties up to a who would be up for her VP?

Nwo Report


Actor James Woods blasted President Biden and called for his resignation after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan under his watch.

The veteran actor expressed regret however, at who would be replacing Biden, and described Vice President Kamala Harris as the “cackling imbecile on deck.”

He said: “This guy is a catastrophe. Even the fluffers of mainstream media can no longer ignore it. The greater tragedy is that we have a cackling imbecile on deck if he resigns”

Breitbart reports: The Internet is awash with video compilations showing Kamala Harris cackling hysterically in reaction to tough questions from media and political rivals.

James Woods’ remarks come as Biden struggles with a historically low approval rating after jetting off to Camp David as the Taliban toppled the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan.

Biden left for the presidential retreat on Friday and refused to take reporter questions on the deteriorating state…

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