Republican Leaders Are Missing in Action As Patriots Rot in Jail – Shocking Letter Released from Jan. 6 Political Prisoner

By Larry Johnson,Aug 21,2021 Published in the Gateway Pundit

Republican Leaders Are Missing in Action As Patriots Rot in Jail – Shocking Letter Released from Jan. 6 Political Prisoner By Larry Johnson Published August 20, 2021 at 7:28am

The unjust political imprisonment of American citizens who entered the Capitol on January 6, many at the invitation of Capitol Police, continues and it is a horror show. There are a few Republican politicians denouncing this injustice, but the leadership is as mute as Helen Keller. These Americans are being held without bail while actual criminals guilty of murder, assault and theft are allowed to walk around.To help you appreciate the new American Gulag, please read the following letter from Jeff McKellop (hat tip to Brian Cates). Here is the actual letter (you can find the text below the photos)



Not sure if you’ve got the full news of the psychological chess game we are playing in here?

My name is Jeff McKellop, I was 22 yrs in the Army. 10 yrs in Special Forces, ODP 394 & 395.

When or upon retirement, I became a contractor for the government.  I’ve spent almost 30 yrs supporting & working for our government. Not one day have I ever been more disappointed & let down by our country than the current election process & the geriatric sleepwalking, fool.  Whew! Got that out.

So; this is what we are experiencing @ this time

  • Isolation: When meeting w/ anyone outside this facility, (regardless of social distance, mask, hand sanitizer & plastic barrier, I got 14 days lockdown each time. No contact w/ anyone in the cell block, temp checked on once.  Put in the furthest cell away from anyone. Allowed 20 min a day outside cell. No contact, back in.
  • First 4 months: chained and shackled, brought down the hallway for medical, (guards) “Dead Man Walking”: He is be Trump, He be Trump supporter”, inciting violence from other inmates walking freely in the hallways. (Inmates} “F**k you honky ass motherf**ker! I’ll f**king kill you!” (Guards laughing)” List is endless with the “set up for failures” this station has to offer us.  Names! Alexander, Hays, Pinky, Armstrong, etc….these people would transfer inmates to other areas of the facility & snap check their cells for legal paperwork. I received a huge packet of legal paperwork. Names, places, photos, my entire history, my children’s history, neighbors, on & on. I was pulled from my cell @ 10 pm to see medical. (Of course, no one there)  I was seriously worried I was going to get beat or killed, I waited for 30 min. No one showed. Escorted back to cell.  First thing I noticed? All my legal paperwork gone.
  • Any time you speak out? Lockdown, no food.
  • Snap inspections, good cop, bad cop.
  • False paperwork, guards fill out false complaint forms using “n” word, supporting violence [next page]….supporting racial separation, unleashing guards upon us.  Pulled out of cells for Q & A group 3rd grade meeting where guards forget why their yelling @ us.
  • Ranking officials randomly show & yank us out of the cells. Once again, racial, food, guards, living conditions, Q & A
  • Conditions of cells (here we go) Human fecal matter smashed in the angle of beds. Smashed into the corners of the rooms; black mold spraying from air vents, black mold & rust in windows; informed guards of the situation. They move us around to other rooms.  Still I have to clean my own cell. My once white hand rag is brown.  Water taste of pure metal. I have a taste [in my mouth] as if I’ve been sucking on a penny all day.
  • Food is cold, smashed, burned, not enough, one inmate left his bologna sandwich overnight on his desk. Had mold next day. Told guards: All inmates removed from cells for Q & A. Told if we don’t like, we can throw it out, that’s all your going to get. Dinner almost 5 days a week, baloney or PB & J, for dinner 3-4 cookies, wet chips, maybe bologna, pack of Kool Aid, two slices of white bread, etc. Schools get better meals.
  • Meet w/legal or legal phone calls: deliberately brought to meetings late, so you only have 20-3o min instead of an hour meet. Always blame it on facility secretary; phone calls: late or time expires.

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