I’m sorry but do these aholes understand how bad the situation really is? #impeachbiden #resignbiden #resignmilly #resignaustin @CNN @msnbc @ABC @CBS @NBC Tweet pls

They’ve done nothing impeachable. Got it. Breaking the law, ignoring a Supreme Court ruling and selling the office of VP to China/Russia and Ukraine is not impeachable? Yet,they tried to impeach Trump before he took office over the Russia Hoax. Ask Joe about spying on American citizens and unmasking them-see how legal that is.
He doesn’t have the nickname Quid Pro Joe for nothing. Ever wonder what China has on him? After seeing some of Hunter Biden’s laptop you can’t tell me they don’t.

Yep,Pelosi would be next in line. Got it. Do you get that it would only be TEMPORARY?

Do these people grasp what happened in Afghanistan? Do they understand all the implications? Do they get our citizens and their Afghani assistants are being hunted down by the Taliban and we aren’t even trying to get maybe THOUSANDS of our own citizens out of Afghanistan? Not that anyone in the administration seems to know how many there are. The British and French sent their military in to help people out. Joe isn’t lifting a finger. You did hear the British Parliment rail against the United States? Do you blame them?

Where was Joe when the Taliban marched onto Kabul and the Afghan President left the country? On vacation. Did he come back to address the nation? Nope.

The embassy wasn’t going to look like Saigon. He said that.


that’s not Saigon-that’s Kabul

Joe finally came back to speak to the American people-after he was forced to. Do you get what he did? He patted himself on the back and said he was sticking to his decision. As if he was so resolute & presidential. He didn’t mean the botched withdrawal at all. He meant the decision to leave Afghanistan, which Pres Trump had already made. He pulled this trick and left the podium. He took off so he wouldn’t have to take any questions. i’m sure Pres Trump would have gotten away with that.

Look what he’s done with domestic policy. The border is wide open and we’re being invaded. He did that. We were energy independent ; now Joe is begging OPEC. Inflation is through the roof. Compare the price of gas under Trump and the price of gas under Joe. He let Russia open their own pipeline and shut down ours.

None of this compares to what we see unfolding in Afghanistan and nobody in his administration wants to deal with it. Joe wants to head back to Delaware. No pressers, no questions, no updates, no President.

The state run media-CNN,msnbc,ABC…et al-wanted this guy elected so they covered up for him. They made sure no negative press got out. They tried to make sure nobody noticed his mental decline. They hid the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and anything that might negatively impact Joe’s chances of getting elected. The fall of Afghanistan and the hapless withdrawal can’t be hidden & there’s no way to ignore it. They made it their job to relentlessly attack Pres Trump for his whole term.

Maybe the Biden admin should have been keeping an eye on the Taliban and the situation in Afghanistan instead of the American people? Maybe General Milly should have been getting the military ready for the withdrawal instead of trying to implement CRT, woke culture and transgender surgeries in the military.

Maybe the DOJ and FBI should have kept an eye on the Taliban since they are a terrorist group instead of promoting the narrative that Trump supporters are domestic terrorists and keeping an eye on us?

The Biden admin, state run media, Twitter, Facebook and You Tube were so concerned about misinformation they banned our sitting President.Yet, Biden was telling the American people everything in Afganistan was honkey dory and the Taliban would never reach Kabul. Everything was fine. What do you call that?

You want the honest to God truth? Biden has no idea what’s going on, he has no plan and he doesn’t give a damn. You think he gives a fat rats ass about our country or the American people? If you think that, you need a serious reality check. We’re in a serious disaster here people. Better wake up.

You rigged the election for this? i can’t unsee those people falling to their death from the C17 because they were so desperate to get out. All Joe could muster up was that it was 4-5 days ago like it didn’t matter? Joe is marching our country towards economic collapse too. Bet he hides in Delaware. When he was on the campaign trail he spent more time in hiding than campaigning. Maybe the American people should have got a clue? Maybe the state run media should have asked him tougher questions than what kind of ice cream he liked? Something you’d ask a 12 yr old.