Family member of a journalist for Deutsche Welle murdered by Taliban

will be keeping a record of all atrocities committed by Taliban. They lied.

The same Twitter that is permitting the Taliban to use the platform for their purposes is also being used to expose what is really happening in Afghanistan. The other fact i find bizarre is that the one government that will probably recognize the new state of Afghanistan is China which happens to prohibit worship of God/religion. They’re communists. How does the Taliban reconcile that with their adherence to Islam? Makes no sense. Confused. That’s actually blasphemous on the part of the CCP in China.Yet, the Taliban would be ok with it.The only other government that might possibly recognize the new Afghanistan state is Russia.Afghanistan is not actually a government now. It’s a nation state because the Taliban does not have a government. It’s ruled by Sharia law instead. It’s how i understand it based on their own statements. They do understand too that Twitter is a western technology and will be posting stories like this one from CNN. The genie is out of the bottle so to speak. You can’t put tech back once it’s out there.