Pennsylvania Man Worried About Family Stranded in Afghanistan

It has been two days since Syed Parast heard from his brother-in-law, an American citizen trapped in Afghanistan with his wife and four children, ages 4, 7, 8, and 13.T

he family had gone to Afghanistan for a wedding and stayed a few months to visit with family.

They planned to return to the United States days before the Taliban took over, Parast said, but when they went to the Kabul airport, the ticket price went up an additional $2,000 per person—that’s $12,000 for a family of six. –

They couldn’t afford it so they will wait in Afghanistan and hope things change.The stranded brother-in-law owns New York Chicken and Grill restaurant in Montgomery County, Maryland

.Parast, owner of the Flame Kabob restaurant in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, came to the United States in 1988 but still has family in Afghanistan.

He has not been able to reach them since the Taliban took over.“Most of the phone and internet is not working,” Parast told The Epoch Times, adding that the Taliban disconnects phone service overnight, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. “It’s horrible and the whole world is watching.”He is worried about his family; keeping a close eye on social media; and Parast and his wife eagerly wait for brief text updates from family.

Airports, government services, and most shops are closed, making it impossible for people trapped in Afghanistan to find solutions.“People are scared right now to talk to any person from the U.S.,” Parast said. “People are scared of the Taliban.

It’s terrible. We had a good system and unexpectedly, the system collapses and everything is surrendered to the Taliban? Everybody is heartbroken right now. Why does nobody like us?

Why does everybody want to kill us?”Television coverage of people clinging to the airplane taking off in Kabul, then falling to their deaths, shows how much people fear the Taliban, Parast said.

“They did horrible things in the past,” Parast said. “Under the Taliban, you have to have a beard to live or visit there. Women can’t come out of the house by themselves and they have to be covered up.

There is a lot of social media you can’t use. It’s like living under control. You can’t have free will there. You have to follow the rules if you want to be alive there. You can do nothing freely.

You can’t wear different clothes or speak a different language. To use a lot of English words there is dangerous.” That is another reason to worry about his brother-in-law’s American-born children.

Parast has seen on social media that most of the Afghan generals have disappeared.“We don’t know where they are. They were picked up from their houses—the ones who were against the Taliban.”

On Wednesday, Afghan locals attempted to show resistance toward the Taliban by removing the white Taliban flag and waving Afghanistan’s three-colored flag.

The Taliban responded with gunfire.“You don’t have the right to say things are right or wrong,” Parast said in response to this incident. “You’ve got to like them 100 percent or you’re in trouble. It’s like jail there. People are scared of their neighbors.”

Parast doesn’t understand why did so many Afghans died and millions of dollars were spent over the last 20 years, only to surrender to the Taliban.“We had soldiers there and they all disappeared. It doesn’t make sense,” Parast said. “They [the U.S.] made the Afghan government surrender to the Taliban. If they didn’t have help from a world power, they could not take over Afghanistan.

And now the same people who were in U.S. jails are in power and you are sitting there negotiating with them? Yesterday’s enemy; today’s friend.”“On the news, they talk about humanity. What—Afghans don’t matter? Afghans are not human?”

Source: Pennsylvania Man Worried About Family Stranded in Afghanistan

#Maddow Thank God that man & his family got out. What about the 1k’s still hoping? Biden & state run media are trying to change the news cycle. Don’t let em.

LIE. Now provide your source and proof. The reason the Afghan troops surrendered is because their American back up,air support and contractors had pulled out. They never stood a chance.

The Trump supporters are not in lock step. We all believe we have an obligation to get them out of Afghanistan. Some think they should go to friendly Islamic states. Others believe they should be vetted in friendly territory then brought to the U.S. My personal opinion favors bringing them right to the U.S and vetting them here. We’re free to have differing opinions; they may have good reasons for theirs. I respect them. NONE of us think we should abandon the Afghani’s. The President’s first obligation is the safety and security of our own citizens. Unfortunately we’ll be lucky get anyone out.

We have Americans and their Afghan assistants in enemy territory where they will likely be executed and Biden is rambling on about something to do with masks. Who gives a s–t? You know how brutal the Taliban are especially to women. The message the State Dept sent out to our people was basically good luck and f you.

If Trump were President right now we wouldn’t be caught up in this disaster in the first place and by now he would have given the Taliban an ultimatum. i guarantee you our ppl would be out now and not a hair on their heads would be touched.

Love or hate Trump, he was a far better President. Joe should never have been elected or installed (however you look at it). Everyone is going to pay for it and that includes the people who got conned into voting for him. It’s a shame. i feel bad for our people over there. i feel bad for our country. What’s happening now is making me angry and frustrated. If Biden had the will-and he doesn’t-these trapped people would have safe passage. Everyone, regardless of party, should be calling the White House and demanding Biden get them out. Only he as CIC can do it. He should have so many calls the line is tied up for days.