Why Is Anyone Still on Twitter?

Dorsey had a sitting U.S. President banned from the platform. Love or Hate President Trump it should be obvious that Twitter does not support free speech. They also banned the NY Post report on Hunter Biden’s lap top. Let’s be honest here-that makes Twitter a political organization. They were trying to suppress any negative information about the Biden’s from getting out to the public. They were always pushing negative information about Trump though. Here’s the last straw. While our own sitting President was banned, no such thing was being done to stop the terrorist group in Afghanistan, the Taliban, who have murdered AMERICANS. They’re not banned from Twitter. When questioned about this, the response was that the Taliban is not advocating for violence. Are they kidding?

It’s time to leave Twitter and not look back. There’s a great platform called https://gettr.com/ and it’s gradually improving all the time. i’d say right now it’s better than Twitter. Why are we helping out Dorsey anyway? Why would you lend credence to an organization that is aiding and abetting our enemy? Let that sink in and tell me why anyone should stay there.

Why would anyone support an organization that banned and censored Americans because they have an opposing viewpoint? You agree with Jack or you’re out. You’re ok with that?

The best way to stand up for ourselves is to get off Twitter and let it die. A mass exodus would certainly deliver a message.