Biden in Growing Danger of Removal with 25th Amendment: GOP Senator & Even VP Kamala Harris Reportedly Discussing It

if Trump were President we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in. It’s not just his failure in Afghanistan though that’s the worst of it-it’s his other disasters we’re dealing with. Like Trump or not he loved our country and did his best for it. He put America First. It wasn’t just a slogan.

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Fraudulent President Joe Biden is in increasing danger of his presidency being cut short by the invocation of the 25th amendment. The Constitutional amendment contains the relevant clause that a president can be removed if he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

Biden is facing rising heat over the precipitous withdrawal of U.S. military troops in Afghanistan without first securing diplomats, interpreters, staff and even journalists who have faced an ensuing onslaught by the Taliban. While Afghanistan was being overrun by the Taliban, Joe Biden has been hidden away at Camp David on an extended ‘vacation.’

Meanwhile, the murderous Islamic extremist group has launched a reign of terror, which includes raping women, abducting children, and beheading those suspected of cooperating with the U.S. military efforts.

As the Taliban closed in on Kabul International Airport, disturbing images of people clinging to C-17 cargo…

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Taliban Violently Break Up Protest in Afghanistan as Thousands Try to Flee Kabul

Taliban terrorists fired at a protest in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday as a stampede at a gate to the airport in Kabul left another 17 injured.

Dozens of people gathered in the eastern city of Jalalabad to raise the national flag a day before Afghanistan’s Independence Day, which commemorates the end of British rule in 1919.

They lowered the Taliban flag—a white banner with an Islamic inscription—that the militants have raised in the areas they captured.Video footage later showed the Taliban firing into the air and attacking people with batons to disperse the crowd.

Babrak Amirzada, a reporter for a local news agency, said he and a TV cameraman from another agency were beaten by the Taliban as they tried to cover the unrest

.A local health official said at least one person was killed and six wounded. The official was not authorized to speak to media and so spoke on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, videos from the Panjshir Valley north of Kabul, a stronghold of the Northern Alliance militias that allied with the United States against the Taliban in 2001, appear to show potential opposition figures gathering there. It’s in the only province that hasn’t yet fallen to the Taliban.

Those figures include members of the deposed government—Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who asserted on Twitter that he is the country’s rightful president and Defense Minister Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi—as well as Ahmad Massoud, the son of the slain Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.

It’s unclear if they intend to challenge to the Taliban, who seized most of the country in a matter of days last week.Afghan’s former president, Ashraf Ghani, fled the country on Sunday as Taliban terrorists entered the presidential palace in Kabul.

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Questions about the Biden withdrawal from Afganistan.

America is a Republic!

If Joe Biden stands by his obviously incompetent immoral withdrawal plan, maybe POTUS or one his Spokesliars can answer these questions.

-If this is an orderly responsible competent moral withdrawal plan, why does the Taliban now have billions in US weapons to use or sell?

-If it is an orderly responsible competent moral withdrawal plan, why does the Taliban have lists of Afghan Special Forces, Army troops, translators?

-If it is an orderly responsible competent moral withdrawal plan, why were the Afghan Army’s field and air support pulled suddenly, causing it’s collapse!?

-If it is an orderly responsible competent moral withdrawal plan, why are there 15’000 foreigners trapped inside the country while the Taliban rings Kabul Airport!?

-If it is an orderly responsible competent moral withdrawal plan, why are Afghans falling off the wings of transport aircraft, in flight!?

-If it is an orderly responsible competent moral withdrawal plan, why…

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Help Afghan refugees.

Why Is Anyone Still on Twitter?

Dorsey had a sitting U.S. President banned from the platform. Love or Hate President Trump it should be obvious that Twitter does not support free speech. They also banned the NY Post report on Hunter Biden’s lap top. Let’s be honest here-that makes Twitter a political organization. They were trying to suppress any negative information about the Biden’s from getting out to the public. They were always pushing negative information about Trump though. Here’s the last straw. While our own sitting President was banned, no such thing was being done to stop the terrorist group in Afghanistan, the Taliban, who have murdered AMERICANS. They’re not banned from Twitter. When questioned about this, the response was that the Taliban is not advocating for violence. Are they kidding?

It’s time to leave Twitter and not look back. There’s a great platform called and it’s gradually improving all the time. i’d say right now it’s better than Twitter. Why are we helping out Dorsey anyway? Why would you lend credence to an organization that is aiding and abetting our enemy? Let that sink in and tell me why anyone should stay there.

Why would anyone support an organization that banned and censored Americans because they have an opposing viewpoint? You agree with Jack or you’re out. You’re ok with that?

The best way to stand up for ourselves is to get off Twitter and let it die. A mass exodus would certainly deliver a message.